Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Back Surgery Number 12

Brief report on Surgery Day. This was my 12th back surgery. Today, my doctor removed my broken spinal stimulator.

My surgery outfit! Max, my parakeet, got to go with me... at least his picture did! The words above Max are "Create a Positive Day!"
You can't seem them in this picture, but my socks say "I am blessed"! A friend gave them to me for my birthday, and I thought they'd be great to wear on Surgery day. 

God used 8 "sticks" trying to get the IV started to introduce me to MORE people, who of course each received some "Create a Positive Day! treats. It took 4 nurses (including IV therapy specialist), the anesthesiologist, and my Dr to get the IV started. 

One really cool thing that happened in the midst of trying to get the IV started...One of the nurses said that we need to call on the IV Angels.. Perfect opportunity to share my Ponder Morsel for the day, On Guard Duty! I was able to share how God's Angels were on guard duty watching over me. What a wonderful opportunity that was. There are always reasons for what we may think are 'bad things'. If I didn't have trouble with getting the IV going...I wouldn't have had the opportunity to share about God and His angels. 

Surgery went well. Spent time in Recovery, moved to Day Surgery and back to recovery (no room in day surgery), then back to day surgery.. meeting more people along the way. 

Gave out MANY CPD treats and then my Dr took the treat bag and put it in the Drs/anesthesiologists lounge, so ALL the treats have been/or will be enjoyed. 

When I arrived home and checked my email... and I won ANOTHER contest! I won aLarry Dixon Al-Anabi 2010 Champ 1:24 Autographed Top Fuel Dragster NHRA Die cast from Plan B Sales! It will look great next to my #48 NASCAR die cast I won from Lionel a few weeks ago.

It was a blessed day!  I'm very sore, as to be expected. Now just have to "do nothing" and heal.

I have to say that I had a "fun day" creating a positive surgery day!

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