Saturday, September 27, 2014

Looking for Wisdom?

"They were permeated with a deep sense of reverence for God." Acts 9:31 (MSG)
He has redeemed His people, guaranteeing His covenant forever. His name is holy and awe-inspiring. Reverence for the Eternal is the first step toward wisdom. All those who worship Him have a good understanding. His praise will echo through eternity! Ps 111:9, 10 (VOICE)
He has sent redemption to His people; He has commanded His covenant to be forever; holy is His name, inspiring awe, reverence, and godly fear. The reverent fear and worship of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom and skill [the preceding and the first essential, the prerequisite and the alphabet]; a good understanding, wisdom, and meaning have all those who do [the will of the Lord]. Their praise of Him endures forever. Ps 111:9, 10 (AMP)

Looking for wisdom? It all begins with a deep sense of reverence for God! For as a deep sense of reverence for God is developed, the focus is on God and then God can reveal His will and plan for your life.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Awesome and Reverence Inspiring

In my Bible study, I’m studying Colossians, but went off on a rabbit trail. Colossians 1:1 talks about Paul being on special assignment from God (an apostle). I then went back to when Paul began his special assignment—Acts 9. This verse stood out to me: "They were permeated with a deep sense of reverence for God." Acts 9:31 (MSG) 

So onto another rabbit trail. What does it mean to have a “deep sense of reverence for God” and how does a person become “Permeated”. So I went back to the Psalms because many of the Psalms talk about reverence and fear of God.

Today, I read Psalm 99. These verses stood out: 
The Lord reigns, let the peoples tremble [with reverential fear]! He sits [enthroned] above the cherubim, let the earth quake! The Lord is great in Zion, and He is high above all the peoples. Let them confess and praise Your great name, awesome and reverence inspiring! It is holy,and holy is He! Psalm 99: 1-3 (AMP). 
You answered them, OLord our God; You were to them God-Who-Forgives, Though You took vengeance on their deeds. Exalt the Lord our God, And worship at His holy hill; For the Lord our God is holy. Psalm 99:8, 9 (NKJV)

Praise the God-Who-Forgives, praise His awesome and reverence inspiring Name…. yes, that should create a deep sense of reverence for God Almighty!