Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sunset Sept 11.2014: Prayer Prompters

An amazing sky. Starting with pink clouds out back, then followed by a bright and beautiful sunset out front. Love seeing God paint the skies in so many colors and shapes. Amazing.

I have "prayer prompters" for different people. They are "alerts" from God to stop and pray for someone. One of my friends likes pink, so when I see pink, it's a reminder to stop and pray for her. 
Last night, as I was closing the blinds, I noticed a sky FULL of pink clouds. I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures, then I "followed" the pink clouds out front, and saw a beautiful sunset. 
As I was taking pictures, I was thanking God for his beauty in creating the evening sky. I then came inside and talked with our Heavenly Father about my friend. 
I'd recommend creating "prayer prompters" for your friends. It can be a color, a type of car, an object around the home, or even a particular restaurant, or logo. Anything that reminds you of a particular person. Something that they enjoy or like. A few of the prayer prompts I have include: colors, my popcorn bowl, blue hangers, a Jeep, McDonalds, and types of dogs. 

Here are some pictures from last night's sunset.