Friday, October 22, 2010

And God does it AGAIN!

Yes, God provided
ANOTHER Blessing gift today! 

With my new Vegan diet, many recipes call for roasting the vegetables. I don't have a "real" roasting pan. To roast Acorn squash, the lasagna pan does okay, since only the top has to roast. But to roast vegetables on all sides, it doesn't do the trick. 
I researched roasting pans and found one that was "acceptable" according to the various reviews, and it was almost in my price range. I added it to my "wish list", to wait for it to fit the budget.

Today, on the way home from my Chiropractor, I saw an ESTATE SALE sign. The car turned down the street before I realized it! I stopped and went into the house. There was stuff in the garage, backyard, main floor, upstairs and downstairs.

I saw several things in the garage that would be fun to have, but knew that they weren't in the budget. I continued through the backyard and entered the kitchen, then went upstairs. There were many nice things throughout the home, but all out of my price range.
I was heading out the door, when the lady asked if I had been downstairs. I kindly replied, "no", and turned to walk out the front door.
LITERALLY in my tracks!
They were moving furniture out the front door, so I had to move out of the way.... and where did I end up? At the stairway heading downstairs! 

I figured that I was to go look downstairs! Again there were some very nice items, but nothing I needed, so I turned to head back up... that's when I saw them..... sitting on a small sink counter in the corner of the room.... ROASTING PANS! 
I looked them over and saw the price for the set was LESS than HALF of ONE NEW PAN! And the REALLY cool thing... if all this wasn't enough... was that one pan was smaller... perfect for me to roast "single servings". 

So, not ONLY did God provide
a Roasting pan—
He provided TWO!
And God made sure that
I had one that was


Some have asked why I celebrate the anniversary of my back injury. Well, I don't celebrate the "injury", rather I celebrate God and His Goodness. Over the past 10 years, God has taken care of me in the most AMAZING, CREATIVE, and AWESOME ways—and the LEAST I can do is spend some time PRAISING GOD and CELEBRATING Him and His Goodness. 

Creating a positive day EACH day is one way I can celebrate God's goodness. When I focus on the positive, I am rejoicing in God's love.
The more I rejoice & praise God,
the more positive my day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

And the Count continues!

It's Oct 20th and God has already provided
two amazing gifts this month to help me

As the actual date of my back injury approaches (10.25),
God continues to
upon me! 

Today, I won a $25 Dominick's Gift Card. That's a local grocery store with some awesome Organic products! So, not only did God give me a new grill, He gave me the money to buy some great stuff to cook on it!


Noticing God's blessings
makes the any day—a SUPER POSITIVE day!