Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last night as I was standing in front of my 365 Days of Thanks Calendar, I was reflecting on the day and deciding what I should add to the calendar. I decided on ENOUGH. Just, enough. I'm thankful that God is enough. That God supplies enough. That I have enough. Just, enough. Oh, at times, I'd love to have more money or more things... but really I have enough.
I have enough money so that I remain dependent on God. Having more would make it easier. However, when I have to depend on God to pay the bills and care for me, I learn more about God and His creative ways of supplying. 
There are "things" I'd like to have, but don't really need them. More things may make some tasks easier, but then again, are not necessary for living. And if I had more things, would I ever be satisfied with what I have? 

Enough. I have enough to accomplish God's will. I have enough to live so that I can glorify Him. I have enough...if I keep my focus on God. If I look to the "Jones" or "Smiths", then I begin to want.. and that is a sin. I need to know that I have enough.

God is enough. Often people want things to fill a void in their lives. They know something is missing, and try to fill it with things. Yet, a relationship with God fills that void. God created us to have a relationship with us. When that relationship isn't developed, we feel incomplete. God is not a religion. God is God. He is our Creator. When our relationship with God is in order, than God is enough. However, if that relationship has been hindered in any way (all on our part), than we begin to want. 

So, I'm thankful for ENOUGH. God is enough. God supplies enough so that I continue to build my relationship with Him. And when my relationship is right with God, than my days are positive.

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1

It's February already, wow.
How are you doing with your 
"2010 Habits" (resolutions)? 
I like the idea of habits, since it's something that can take time to develop and I want to continue them.
In January and February
I'm working on
a Nutrition Habit. 
Due to my medications and pain, I'm very seldom hungry; therefore, I forget to eat. That's not good. This year, I'm working on creating a habit to eat 3 meals and a few snacks each day. There are some days I forget lunch, but I'm improving on my eating habit.
Another habit I'm working on 
is encouraging others. 
I wasn't sure how I would do this, but God has showed me that this is done in many ways and often unplanned.
The main habit for 2010 is Thankfulness. 
For each day, I write down something for which I'm thankful. Often the hard part is picking just one thing for the day! This has been a great blessing so far. Usually, each night before bed, I take a few minutes to write on the 365 Days of Thanks calendar, and than thank God for His hand on my life. I've enjoyed this habit. I truly am blessed. 

Well, one month of 2010 is gone, there are 11 more. I have no idea what God has planned for this year, but I do know He is in control. I'm looking forward to seeing how God leads this year. Creating habits is not done quickly, rather they are created one day at a time by repeating an action. 
The same is true for creating a positive day. It happens slowly over the day. Yes, some days it's a bit harder than others; however, it is still possible.

It is a choice to create a positive day. 
That choice is made by directing
our thoughts toward God and His will.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

365 Days of Thanks January List

This year, I'm creating 365 Days of Thanks. Each day I write down something for which I'm thankful. One night as I was standing in front of my 365 Days of Thank Calendar with Max on my shoulder, I said out loud, "What should I be thankful for?". Max quickly replied, "Pretty Bird!". And I am very thankful for that little guy. In fact, he made the list a twice this month (#1 & #16).

Here is my 365 Days of Thanks January List:
As I reflect on January's list of "thanks", all I can think is: I'm blessed. Creating a positive day is done one day at a time, and creating this list of Thanks, has helped me continue to create positive days. God deserves to hear "thank you" much more than He does. So, as I re-read my list,
"Thank you, God. Thank you very much!"

To create this layout, I used my 365 Days of Thanks January Kit. This kit and additional 365 Days of Thanks Kits and Calendars are available at Crafty Scraps under the Creative Team Stuff; Freebie Collections.