Sunday, July 1, 2012

Laughs Supplied by God!

Nine years ago this past April, God gave me a very special birthday gift, Max, my parakeet. God knew that this little guy would provide much laughter. Last night was one of those nights that I couldn't help but laugh as Max's antics. 

I enjoy NASCAR. Last night I was watching the Sprint Cup Series Race on "RaceBuddy" and listening to PRN Radio online. Since I don't have cable, I couldn't watch the race on TV, but was glad to have free access to the action. 

When the race started, Max flew to my shoulder and watched the race on the computer with me. He seemed intent on the action. As soon as the first caution came out, Max flew to his cage to eat a snack! He was back on my shoulder just before the race "went green". It was so funny! There weren't many cautions last night, but the few times the yellow flag was thrown, Max went to his cage for snack.

At one point during the race, guess Max wanted a "closer look at the track". He flew to the MacBook and.... well I was able to capture this shot! 

Max decided the view from my shoulder was better, and shortly after the picture was taken, he flew back to me—where he remained until the checkered flag.

The only thing that I can't tell is who his favorite driver is. At one point during the race when Dale Jr's name was mentioned Max did say "happy". But I wasn't sure if Max was just "happy" watching the race, or if he likes Dale Jr. Maybe Max will let me know his favorite driver by the end of this Season. 

Creating a positive day, is about enjoying the special things God provides to make me laugh. And I'm so thankful that God gave me a little bird who provides many reasons to laugh!