Thursday, February 25, 2010


Communication. Last night I realized how important being able to communicate is. There was an incident at my neighbors. One person was very upset and the rest of us were trying our best to bring peace. The only problem, the agitated person spoke no English, and the rest of us didn't speak the needed language. After 2 hours, the situation was finally under control. 

As I was trying to drift off to sleep, I started reflecting over the situation. How frustrating to talk and have no one understand you. You could be saying something very important, yet no one would have a clue. It made me very thankful that God understands all languages. And He goes beyond my words to knowing and understanding my thoughts. That is comforting. There are no language barriers with God. Anyone can talk with Him and He understands and hears.

The next thing I realized is the importance of being heard.
I saw my chiropractor today. I mentioned how having the adjustment table set at a different angle was more comfortable. So, Dr. Moore quickly adjusted the table. He heard and understood what I said. The results were good for us both. 

On the way home from Dr. Moore's I stopped at a store. As soon as I walked in, I heard "Mommy, Mommy, look".... over and over and over. I looked.. and saw the cutest little puppy. It was trying to walk on the slippery floor and was sliding. The little boy wanted his Mommy to see the puppy trying to walk. Yet, the Mommy was too busy on the cell phone. When she did look, the puppy had been picked up by her owner. The little boy's face said it all. He had tried to communicate with his Mom, but she didn't get the message. 

We all like it when someone listens to what we have to say. Sometimes we need a response, but often, we just want to be heard. I'm very thankful that God hears me....anytime and anywhere. 

Knowing that God hears me and understands is very helpful to creating a positive day. It's a comfort that God is listening. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Can you spare two cups of coffee?

During these tough times, the bills seem to be more than the income. However, if we look, and often not very hard, we can see areas where we can find a little extra money for a good cause. We find money for what is important to us.
In my last post, I mentioned Bruce, who is running across America to raise awareness for the Community Crisis Center, located in Elgin, Illinois. The Center was founded in 1975 by a group of dedicated volunteers to help those in crisis due to domestic violence, sexual assault, or economic circumstances.
6,275 individuals, including 593 children, received services in FY 2008. Our staff worked with 1,539 victims of domestic violence and 372 child witnesses to domestic violence. We provided 11,325 nights of emergency shelter to 308 women and 295 children.
Step by Step,
Foot by Foot
Take a step with Bruce...
Donate $12
Bruce is literally donating his feet (and entire self) to this cause. This makes his feet key to the movement. So we thought, what if you could buy every step Bruce takes? There are 12 inches in a foot, thus the idea was born. With every step, Bruce runs to make sure there's always a safe place to go. He runs so that his past helps create a better future for others. 12 inches × 5,280 feet × 3,000 miles = endless possibilities!

To donate, click on this link!
It's very easy to do,
and will help many people.

You can create a positive day simply by giving up just 2 cups of coffee this week. Often we look at our circumstances and say we can't do anything. To create a positive day, sometimes means a small sacrifice on our part. In this case, only $12.
To all of you who took that time to click on the link and donate, THANK YOU! Please share this great cause with your friends. Let's encourage Bruce and all the staff and volunteers at the Crisis Center!