Thursday, March 4, 2010


The proper equipment, when working, makes our life easier, comfortable, and convenient.  Broken or the wrong equipment causes pain, discomfort, and frustration. Having the right equipment in working condition enables us to accomplish our goals and dreams. Yet, when that equipment breaks, it slows us down and can even sideline us. 

Being well equipped isn't just about having the right tools. It's also about having the right mindset. If we're well-equipped, we can handle both "good things" and "bad things" in ways which will strengthen us and enable us to grow.  When things are going along smoothly, we don't think much about the equipment we use, and in turn we don't think much about our mindset or much of anything. When a piece of equipment breaks, our world is turned upside down. 

Don't wait for equipment failure before you create a healthy body, soul, and spirit. Work on making sure your mindset, spirit, and body are healthy so that when there is equipment failure, you are prepared. When are you are prepared, equipment failure takes on a more positive tone. You can see areas that need attention so that you can grow. During the 'down' time, you can re-energize and be rejuvenated as things return to normal. 

I talk about creating a positive day and have written how God has use equipment failures to teach me more about Him and myself. The more I create a positive day on the 'good days' I find it easier to continue to create a positive day on those days that aren't as 'good'.  It's a choice to focus on the positive and respond with a positive mindset.

Regarding Equipment Failure: Bruce Johnson is running across America to raise money for the Community Crisis Center. He's experienced some major equipment failure—his shoes. Not only have Bruce's shoes caused considerable pain, they have sidelined Bruce a few times during his run.  While Bruce continues to work through his equipment failure, why not encourage him and make a donation! (To learn more about Bruce's journey or to donate, go to:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Taking a Break

Taking a break. That sounds easy, but can often be very difficult to do. When working toward a goal, it can be a both positive and negative. Positive: to review the progress. Negative: hard to get started again. Positive: a time to reflect and modify the goal as needed. Negative: get side-tracked on other goals. Positive: gather strength to continue. Negative: realize how much energy is needed to reach the goal. 

The list could continue. Everything can have a positive or negative effect. However, taking a break can be very positive and usually is needed. If we don't stop from time to time to reflect, and if needed, readjust our goals, we can lose sight of where we are going and what we are doing. Sometimes, we are forced to take a break, and we waste that time wishing we were moving forward, rather than evaluating and enjoying the break.

Taking a break.
Simple, yet very difficult. 

To maintain momentum when a break is needed, keep focused on the ultimate goal. Review your progress and make notes of what worked and what didn't. Make adjustments as necessary so when your break is over, you can begin working toward your goal again. 

There are times when God forces us to take a break (simply because we are too stubborn to stop ourselves). God has very unique and creative ways to make us face and evaluate our goals. God wants to keep us on track and if we lose sight of His leading, He may sideline us to get our attention.

Taking a break.
Time to reflect, make adjustments
and gather strength
to continue toward your goal. 

Do not take a break from creating a positive day! Being positive is vital especially when taking breaks. By remaining positive, you will continue to see the possibilities before you as you continue on your journey to reach your goal.