Friday, July 2, 2010

In God We Trust

In God We Trust
Roy Lessin

We can trust in God because—
His kingdom is unshakable.
His throne is incorruptible.
His glory is indescribable.
His Word is infallible.
His greatness is unsearchable.
His power is invincible.
His favor is invaluable.
His grace is inexpressible.
His love is undeniable.
 “It is good for me to draw near to God:
I have put my trust in the Lord God…”
Psalm 73:28 KJV

Counting blessings!

Day two of no morphine or Tylenol 4. How am I doing? Spiritually, very well, Physically, not so well. The pain level is high and my headache is severe. But it has been worse. I'm so thankful for all the tricks I've learned over the past 10 years. 

What tricks? Here are a few.
1. Strawberries and other fruits with "red meat" help reduce inflammation and pain. So, I'm eating strawberries throughout the day. 
2. The aroma of Essential oils fills the apartment  24/7 from the potpourri pot. Today it was peppermint to help with the nausea.
3. Changing my focus. I worked on "short" projects today, so I could keep busy without overdoing anything. By having short term projects, I could finish one and move on to the next. By keeping the mind busy, there is no time to focus on the pain.
And NUMBER 4: Count my blessings! This is one of the best medicines available and you can get it without a prescription! Counting my blessings today started with the two most recent gifts God has give me!

Yes, God has sent a GIFT
each day of this journey!

On Day One God gave me a grill! Someone was throwing it away. It was dirty, but a little Dawn dish soap cleaned it as good as new! It's the perfect size for me and will easily fit on the balcony.  Can't wait to enjoy the summer aroma of charcoal and grilled meat and vegetables! 

Today God gave me a H2OTUGO! I have a TUGO (a drink holder for luggage) which I've modified to fit on my crutches. The H2OTUGO is a pocket that will hold a water bottle. The company is sending me a FREE one because I wrote and told them how I use their TUGO, and how it helps me keep a drink handy. A big THANKS to TUGO!

Will God give me a gift every day? 
I have to say YES! 
God already gives me gifts EACH and EVERY DAY! Sometimes, it's a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Or a kind word from a friend. Or maybe He makes Max do something to make me laugh. God has SHOWERED me with gifts—my problem is that I don't notice so many of them. My 365 Days of Thanks is making me more aware of ALL the wonderful things God does and provides for me. Each day, I find it harder and harder to write down ONE thing... because there are SO many.
I'm very blessed, and when I stop
and count my blessings
it makes me aware of just how much
God loves me. 

Today, it could have been very difficult to create a positive day, with my high pain level and the severe headache. However, by taking time to count my blessings, it turned the day around to a very positive and encouraging day.
Yes, even a high pain day
can be a POSITIVE DAY—
if I count my blessings!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

God's Creative Care!

Yesterday, I had an appointment to begin the next phase of my pain management treatment. On the way to the Doctor, I was getting a bit nervous, not of the appointment, rather the thought of the increased pain level. God knew I needed a laugh.. and he provided a great one! 
I went through a drive through to get some lemonade. As I pulled out waiting for the traffic to clear, I noticed a man in the parking lot. He was very well dressed— suit pants and dress shirt, and was holding a crumpled fast food bag in one hand. With the other hand, he was SPRAYING himself with FEBREZE!!! Guess that's one way to get rid of the hamburger and onion smell on your clothes!
I couldn't help but laugh.
I was more at ease as I arrived at the Dr's Office. As I waited for the appointment, I was able to talk with several people in the waiting room. I used to wonder why God decided I should use crutches. But I've learned that they are good conversation starters! Everything God does has a purpose. 

After I left Dr. T's office, I went to see my chiropractor. Then I stopped at my Walgreens, but they didn't have one of the medications. The pharmacist called several other places and found it at another Walgreens, very close by!  So, I drove there to get the medications and pick up some milk and sunscreen. While I was looking for the sunscreen the cashier called out to me. We knew each other from the Apartment complex, so we started talking, and were interrupted when the pharmacy called my name, so I got my meds and went back to the sunscreen aisle and continued talking with Nancy while searching for the right level of sunscreen.  Once again, God had a plan in making sure I ended up at THAT Walgreens! He's so creative!!!
Oh, and the new medications came in Generic! That made the medication affordable! God continues to supply my needs. 

Today, I started the new medications. I'm dizzy and my headache is worse, both normal side-effects. The next few weeks will be a roller coaster for me, but God is right there taking care of me.
Going cold turkey off medications is not fun, but God continues to provide just what I need to get me through this at exactly the right moment. I'm looking forward to seeing how God cares for me during this phase of my life.
There is nothing more positive
than being in God's creative care!

Monday, June 28, 2010


I like to know where I'm going. I usually plan, and re-plan, and then re-plan again. I print out a map... sometimes 2 so I have a back up plan in case a road is closed. I can get to and from anywhere... with a map. But there are times, when I have to travel using only a compass. (I don't have a GPS.) But traveling with only a compass, leaves me driving around in circles. 
This past weekend, I was doing some garage sale hunting on the way home from my chiropractor. As I drove through a housing development, I looked at my compass. It told me the direction I was driving.... but didn't tell me where home was.  I was heading North, but I didn't know the direction of my home. Was I lost? Not really. I knew I was heading North. So, I just drove until I found a road which I knew. Then I took that road until I saw some familiar landmarks, and soon I was home.
Was I upset that I didn't have map, and ended up driving around housing developments? No. I found some great deals at the garage sales on my journey.  
God is teaching me
that sometimes even
the most detailed plans
are not always the  best.
Too many times, I create plans and then do everything in my power to make my plans work.... Only to realize that a road is closed and I have to take a detour. 
When I stop trying to make
my plans work,
and let God lead me,
I can then enjoy the amazing things
God has planned along the journey.

On Tuesday, I will meet with a Doctor to begin another phase of my pain management journey. I've gone through medication withdrawal back in 2005, so I know some of what to expect. However, things are different this time. I've been on the medications for a longer period of time. I have additional pain due to some recent injures. So, although I've been down this road before, I'm driving with only a compass and no map. 
As I travel this new journey, there may be a few detours and even some road closures. But that's okay, the journey has it's own blessings which are missed if I'm only focused on the final destination.

Creating a positive day can't always be planned. In fact, the most positive days are filled with surprises and unexpected turns and journeys. If I had decide not to go garage sale hunting only because I didn't have a map, I would have missed some great deals.
I can't limit my life
to only mapped journeys.
There are times when
driving by a compass
can provide the most blessings.