Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A daughter who looks like her Father

In my last post, Psalm 119: What God's Word Provides Me, I wrote about what I learned from my Bible Study based on Damaris Carbaugh's Live In Your Word

For that Bible Study, I also had to write, a statement to God about my desire to be in His Word. Here is my statement.

God, You are my Redeemer. Because of your mercy and grace, I can call you Father. My responsibility and desire as a daughter, is to hear and understand Your Word. You have provided wisdom, instruction—everything I need to live a full and fulfilling life.
If I ignore, Your wisdom, I have only myself to blame as I miss out on Your blessings. If I find myself floundering, it is due to the fact that I’ve ignored Your Word. If I make wrong decisions, I’ll live with the consequences, knowing full well that things would have been different­—if I had  obeyed Your Word. As I look back, I see Your patience and grace, as You waited for me to return to Your Word and seek You.
I need to make studying Your Word a priority in my life. Just as I eat food each day—for survival, Your Word is vital to my life. Therefore, studying Your Word must be first and foremost in my life. Studying your Word must become routine—however, the message itself must never be routine or taken for granted. Your Word has the power to change me into a daughter who “looks like her Father”. And that is my desire—which I will work toward with strong determination.

If I want to create a positive day, I must have a strong foundation in God's Word.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Psalm 119: What God's Word Provides Me

The Bible Study for this week was based on the song, Live In Your Word, on Damaris Carbaugh's The Collection Cd. 

 Written by Steve Siler/Tony Wood/Scott Krippayne © 2004 Word Music

Chaos ahead, choices to make; It’s silence I need
Seeking to know your heart and your mind
Where you want to lead; Father I thirst for your wisdom
Make me at home in your truth; I want to

CHORUS: Live in your Word; Abiding in faith
I want to walk in your steps; To trust and obey
A light upon the narrow path; A lamp unto my feet
I want to live in your Word; Till your Word is living in me

I need your Word buried like seeds; Deep in my soul
Chapter and verse, nourishing me; A harvest will grow
Oh Father you feed every hunger
I know where my strength is found; So I will
Repeat Chorus

You spoke and the universe came to be
You speak and my life has endless possibilities; So I will
Repeat Chorus

One of the questions of the Study was: 
In each section of verses,
from Psalm 119,
what does the Psalmist state
about the “Word of God”?

Instead of just copying the words of the Psalmist, I searched for what God's Word provided me. Here is what I learned. 

Psalm 119: God's Word....

vs. 1, 2: Provides Joy
vs. 3–5: Provides Direction
vs. 6: Provides Motivation
vs. 7, 8: Provides Results

vs. 9: Provides Purity (Sanctification)
vs. 10: Provides Boundaries
vs. 11: Provides Influence
vs. 12: Provides Instruction
vs. 13: Provides Conversation
vs. 14: Provides Treasure
vs. 15: Provides Contemplation
vs. 16: Provides Position

vs. 17: Provides Life
vs. 18-19: Provides Perception
vs. 20: Provides Longing
vs. 21: Provides Judgment
vs. 22, 23: Provides Protection
vs. 24: Provides Wisdom

vs. 25: Provides Revival & Rejuvenation
vs. 26, 27: Provides Knowledge
vs. 28: Provides Encouragement
vs. 29: Provides Understanding
vs. 30-32: Provides Goals

vs. 33, 34: Provides Application
vs. 35: Provides Guidance
vs. 36, 37: Provides Ambition
vs. 38-40: Provides Purpose

vs. 41, 42: Provides Incentive
vs. 43: Provides Hope
vs. 44, 45: Provides Discipline
vs. 46, 47: Provides Confidence
vs. 48: Provides Communion

vs. 49–51: Provides Strength
vs. 52: Provides Comfort
vs. 53, 54: Provides Harmony
vs. 55, 56: Provides Relevance

vs. 57, 58: Provides Thoughtfulness
vs. 59, 60: Provides Objective
vs. 61: Provides Security
vs. 62: Provides Thanksgiving
vs. 63: Provides Companionship
vs. 64: Provides Substance

vs. 65, 66: Provides Integrity
vs. 67, 68: Provides Obligation
vs. 69, 70: Provides Truth
vs. 72: Provides Value

vs.73–75: Provides Conviction
vs. 76, 77: Provides Pleasure
vs. 78, 79: Provides Commonality
vs. 80: Provides Pride

vs. 81-88: Provides Steadfastness

vs. 89–91: Provides Immortality
vs. 92–95: Provides Existence
vs. 96: Provides Everlastingness

vs. 97–100: Provides Intelligence
vs. 101, 102: Provides Perimeters
vs. 103: Provides Refreshment
vs. 104: Provides Discernment

vs. 105: Provides Light
vs. 106: Provides Righteousness
vs. 107–112 Provides Determination

vs. 113: Provides Unity
vs. 114: Provides Refuge
vs. 115: Provides Perception
vs. 116–118: Provides Support
vs. 119–120: Provides Admiration

vs. 121–125: Provides Comprehension
vs. 126–128: Provides Perspective

vs. 129: Provides Miracles
vs. 130: Provides Enlightenment
vs. 131: Provides Desire
vs. 132–134: Provides Compassion
vs. 135, 136: Provides Response

vs. 137–139: Provides Trustworthiness
vs. 140–142: Provides Dependability
vs. 143, 144: Provides Significance

vs. 145–148: Provides Reason
vs. 149–152: Provides Patronage

vs. 153–160: Provides Justice

vs. 161–164: Provides Devotion
vs. 165: Provides Peace
vs. 166–168: Provides Allegiance

vs. 169: Provides Insight
vs. 170–172: Provides Appreciation
vs. 173–176: Provides Help

As I studied Psalm 119, I learned that God's Word provides everything I need. It's up to me to read and study the Bible. Each day that I allow God's Word to work in me, is a positive day!