Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Psalm 119: What God's Word Provides Me

The Bible Study for this week was based on the song, Live In Your Word, on Damaris Carbaugh's The Collection Cd. 

 Written by Steve Siler/Tony Wood/Scott Krippayne © 2004 Word Music

Chaos ahead, choices to make; It’s silence I need
Seeking to know your heart and your mind
Where you want to lead; Father I thirst for your wisdom
Make me at home in your truth; I want to

CHORUS: Live in your Word; Abiding in faith
I want to walk in your steps; To trust and obey
A light upon the narrow path; A lamp unto my feet
I want to live in your Word; Till your Word is living in me

I need your Word buried like seeds; Deep in my soul
Chapter and verse, nourishing me; A harvest will grow
Oh Father you feed every hunger
I know where my strength is found; So I will
Repeat Chorus

You spoke and the universe came to be
You speak and my life has endless possibilities; So I will
Repeat Chorus

One of the questions of the Study was: 
In each section of verses,
from Psalm 119,
what does the Psalmist state
about the “Word of God”?

Instead of just copying the words of the Psalmist, I searched for what God's Word provided me. Here is what I learned. 

Psalm 119: God's Word....

vs. 1, 2: Provides Joy
vs. 3–5: Provides Direction
vs. 6: Provides Motivation
vs. 7, 8: Provides Results

vs. 9: Provides Purity (Sanctification)
vs. 10: Provides Boundaries
vs. 11: Provides Influence
vs. 12: Provides Instruction
vs. 13: Provides Conversation
vs. 14: Provides Treasure
vs. 15: Provides Contemplation
vs. 16: Provides Position

vs. 17: Provides Life
vs. 18-19: Provides Perception
vs. 20: Provides Longing
vs. 21: Provides Judgment
vs. 22, 23: Provides Protection
vs. 24: Provides Wisdom

vs. 25: Provides Revival & Rejuvenation
vs. 26, 27: Provides Knowledge
vs. 28: Provides Encouragement
vs. 29: Provides Understanding
vs. 30-32: Provides Goals

vs. 33, 34: Provides Application
vs. 35: Provides Guidance
vs. 36, 37: Provides Ambition
vs. 38-40: Provides Purpose

vs. 41, 42: Provides Incentive
vs. 43: Provides Hope
vs. 44, 45: Provides Discipline
vs. 46, 47: Provides Confidence
vs. 48: Provides Communion

vs. 49–51: Provides Strength
vs. 52: Provides Comfort
vs. 53, 54: Provides Harmony
vs. 55, 56: Provides Relevance

vs. 57, 58: Provides Thoughtfulness
vs. 59, 60: Provides Objective
vs. 61: Provides Security
vs. 62: Provides Thanksgiving
vs. 63: Provides Companionship
vs. 64: Provides Substance

vs. 65, 66: Provides Integrity
vs. 67, 68: Provides Obligation
vs. 69, 70: Provides Truth
vs. 72: Provides Value

vs.73–75: Provides Conviction
vs. 76, 77: Provides Pleasure
vs. 78, 79: Provides Commonality
vs. 80: Provides Pride

vs. 81-88: Provides Steadfastness

vs. 89–91: Provides Immortality
vs. 92–95: Provides Existence
vs. 96: Provides Everlastingness

vs. 97–100: Provides Intelligence
vs. 101, 102: Provides Perimeters
vs. 103: Provides Refreshment
vs. 104: Provides Discernment

vs. 105: Provides Light
vs. 106: Provides Righteousness
vs. 107–112 Provides Determination

vs. 113: Provides Unity
vs. 114: Provides Refuge
vs. 115: Provides Perception
vs. 116–118: Provides Support
vs. 119–120: Provides Admiration

vs. 121–125: Provides Comprehension
vs. 126–128: Provides Perspective

vs. 129: Provides Miracles
vs. 130: Provides Enlightenment
vs. 131: Provides Desire
vs. 132–134: Provides Compassion
vs. 135, 136: Provides Response

vs. 137–139: Provides Trustworthiness
vs. 140–142: Provides Dependability
vs. 143, 144: Provides Significance

vs. 145–148: Provides Reason
vs. 149–152: Provides Patronage

vs. 153–160: Provides Justice

vs. 161–164: Provides Devotion
vs. 165: Provides Peace
vs. 166–168: Provides Allegiance

vs. 169: Provides Insight
vs. 170–172: Provides Appreciation
vs. 173–176: Provides Help

As I studied Psalm 119, I learned that God's Word provides everything I need. It's up to me to read and study the Bible. Each day that I allow God's Word to work in me, is a positive day!

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  1. I love Psalm 119!!!

    Enjoyed your article on Rest Ministries today (03/29/11).

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