Thursday, July 28, 2011

God's perfect placement

Once again God had some surprises
for me as I ran errands this past week.

I have been looking for new dress pants for a while, with no luck. On Tuesday, I stopped at Kohl's and looked around—nothing. On the way home from my Chiropractor's, I stopped at the Goodwill and looked through their racks of dress pants. Found a few I thought would work. I went to try them on and I asked the Sales Associate if I could use the handicap fitting room—which I normally don't use. However, trying to maneuver with crutches in the smaller rooms can be a challenge on a good day—and my pain level was a bit higher, so I asked to use the larger room.

I tried on the pants I had found—with no luck. As I was hanging the "unwanteds" on the rack—which is RIGHT OUTSIDE the handicap fitting room door—I saw a pair of navy blue dress pants on the rack. I checked the size, yep, that was right. Tried them on and they fit PERFECTLY!
God had the pants hanging RIGHT outside the handicap fitting room door waiting for me! God's placement was PERFECT! I couldn't miss the pants—they were hanging right on the end—almost falling off into my hands (literally!).  So for $4.99 I got a very nice pair of dress pants.

After leaving the Goodwill, I stopped at Fruitful Yield health store to pick up Sunshine Burgers. As I walked in the store, one of the workers welcomed me and asked if I was there for more Sunshine Burgers—"Yes, I was!" The Manager was standing near by and said, "We have coupons for those". So, I saved $5.00 on the Sunshine Burgers—the cost of my dress pants! ;>)


God is good all the time! 
I love it when God does little things—
which are so very special—
to remind me of how much He loves me
and that He is watching over me.
Each day I take time to notice the special things
God does for me is a very positive day! 

What blessings and surprises
has God given you lately? 
Let me know by adding a comment on this post.