Friday, January 22, 2010

God is ABLE!

God is amazing!
He reminded me today
that SINCE He can take care
of little things
(and does take care of them),
He is VERY capable of taking care
of the big things.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What kind of day will it be?

Today, I take my car and MacBook into the shops. They both need some repairs. I'm also going to enjoy lunch with a friend. What God has planned, I have no idea. It will be fun to see how the day unfolds and what takes place. I also need to make sure God is ever present so that my reactions to any news is honoring Him. As I encounter others, I want to remember my last post and allow God to shine through me.
People will be watching... and I'd like them to see God. Hopefully, I'll be "polished up" and won't hinder any of God's rays from shining forth. 

I read a great devotional this morning. It's from and by Roy Lessin. It's on Psalms 23.. very good!

The part that stood out to me regarding my day was this:

Leads me: Not pointlessly. Not wrongfully. Not mischievously. Not aimlessly. Knowing what He is doing. Knowing where He is going. Knowing what is best. Showing the way, making the way, providing the way, being the way. Bestowing the blessings that make me rich; bringing the joys that make me full; imparting the strength that makes me able to follow His footsteps.

God is leading me.. that means I must follow. Just think... God.. the Creator of ALL, is leading me! What an awesome privilege to be led by God! 

When I have my MacBook back, I'll post an update to let you know how God led today and what He had planned. Creating a positive day is about following God. No matter your schedule for the day, God has a way of changing it. Allowing God to lead and direct makes the day more positive from the beginning.