Sunday, July 20, 2014

Out of focus?

As I'm watching the sun rise this morning, I've noticed something. If the colors are paler and more subtle, my camera has a hard time focusing on the distant clouds. If the colors are "flashy" and bold,  then the camera has no trouble focusing. 

That made me think. How often do I lose my focus on what God is doing, when He's working in subtle and gentle ways? Do I only notice His "flashy and bold" actions? The later ones are what I see most often, for they "get my attention."  I need to open my eyes and focus on all that God is doing, especially if He’s working in the subtle and gentle ways. 

"Open my eyes to see the ·miracles [wonders] in your ·teachings [instructions; law]." Psalm 119:18 (EXB)