Saturday, April 17, 2010

Isn't every day special?

Tomorrow is my birthday. I'll be 46-years-old. I've had many well wishes for a "special day". (Thank you for each of them!)
That made me realize
that every day can be special.

Yesterday, the weather was BEAUTIFUL. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping (including Max). As I went about my day, saw my Chiropractor and then enjoyed a lunch at Red Robin, I was greeted with many smiles. It was nice to share smiles and even a few laughs with other customers at Red Robin.
Reflecting back on the day, 
I'd have to say it was a special day. 

Today, is another Spring day. Although a bit cooler, the sun is shining. Several people went out of their way to help me today. A stranger knew I needed boxes, so went out of his way to save them at his place of work. When I arrived at the store, he even brought them out to my car. Another person ran after a box that went flying across the parking lot! Another held open a door. It's amazing how special a day is when others reach out to help (and I let them; but that's another topic). When the tasks at hand were done, we shared some smiles and thanks and went our separate ways each a bit happier. 

So, will Sunday, April 18 be special? Yes, I KNOW it will be. No matter the weather. No matter what I do. No matter my pain level. No matter the circumstances I find myself.
The day will be special because
I can reflect on God's goodness. 
He has showered me with blessings and just reflecting on them makes any day special.

Creating a positive day, on April 18th, should be easy! However, often on the "planned special days", Satan works over time trying to discourage me. The best way to make the "special days" really special is to make God a BIG part of the day—including watching for those special blessings from God! He has ways of sending blessings which are all to often missed because of my preconceived expectations.

As I enjoy my birthday...MY SPECIAL day....
I want to create habits
to make every day SPECIAL!
And I hope you will join me!