Thursday, August 18, 2011

God-thing, not a Rhonda-thing

This week, I went car shopping. Test drove one car, which I do like. There are so many details that need to be sorted out.

Just of few of the details include:
1. How much can I get for my old car?
Need this to help increase my down payment.
2. Can I get the necessary financing at a good rate?
3. Do I like the color?
This is really important. ;>)

I think the hard part in all this is that so much is "out of my control". There is only so much I can do in each area, and there are many details that other people control.

God continues to teach me. My goal in purchasing a newer car is to be a good steward of the resources God provides. There are some details which I MUST leave with God. I don't know what the future holds. God does. 

The day I went car shopping, I read this verse:
"The desires of good people
lead straight to the best"
Proverbs 11:23a (The Message).

Looking back to when I purchased my 1995 Ford Escort, I can see how God directed me to the right car which would be the BEST for me, especially the past 10 years with my disability. When I was considering which car to buy back in 1995, I almost bought a 2-door Mustang! That would have made getting in and out, and driving much more difficult with my back injury. God made sure I wasn't caught up with the "look" and idea of having a Mustang, and bought the more "sensible" Escort. 

Since God never changes, the same God who helped me buy the BEST car in June 1995, will be there to help me buy the BEST car in 2011. Please continue to pray with me as I move forward with buying a newer car. I want to make sure this is a "God-thing" and not a "Rhonda-thing".

And if the details don't work out for me to get a car now, I will continue to trust God as He provides to keep the old car working. God isn't limited by old or new cars. He takes care of each of my needs in His way, in His time. If He wants me to continue driving my Escort, then He'll keep it running. And if He wants me to drive a newer car, He will work out all the details to make that possible.

If I allow the details to overwhelm me, I'll lose focus and my thoughts will be anything but positive. Yet, if I continue to keep my focus on God and what He is doing and His leading, then my thoughts and attitude will be positive. Creating a positive day is allowing God to control all the details.

Monday, August 15, 2011

$4 x 4 = $16

Last week I had planned to buy ink for my computer. However, I had forgotten my rebate coupon, so I waited until this week. As I was looking through the store's ad, something caught my eye—this week, I'll get $6 back on each old ink cartridge rather than the usual $2. That's an extra $4 on each cartridge!

$4 x 4 = $16. 

Once again God used an object lesson to remind me that He will take care of each and every need I have. On Saturday, June 11, 2011 I posted My PlanS vs God's Plan regarding buying a newer car. This past week, my car developed a new leak. So, I have a decision to make—spend the money to fix the old car, or buy a newer car now.

It's times like this, that I'd like to open my Bible and read, "Rhonda, today you will do this...." and have the details spelled out simply and plainly. However, that's not how God works. God does however, give me the wisdom and knowledge to make the right decisions—if I seek Him and His will. 

This week, God once again demonstrated that He is able to provide in unique ways. Whether it be $16 saved on ink, or the money for a newer car. My responsibility is to be a good steward of the money God provides. When I first bought my current car in June 1995, I realized that it was not MY car—but God's car. Over the past 16 years, God has provided a great bunch of guys to fix my car at Roselle Tire and Auto, and God has provided the money to keep the car running. 

If God wants to spend more money to fix this car, He'll supply that too. And if He thinks it's time to buy a newer car, He'll supply that money too. How? I have no idea. However, this week, God supplied $16 with the ink deal.
To God it doesn't matter
if it's $16 or $26,000.
God's resources are endless.

I'm thankful that God continues to teach me using object lessons. I usually remember lessons longer when I'm "shown" rather than just told. Guess, God knows that too!

Remembering that God is caring for my needs,
sure creates many reasons for a positive day!