Friday, February 1, 2013

My God is Personal!

Throughout this year, each day of the month, I'm "Treasure Hunting" in a Psalm. I've created a "Ponder Every Morsel of Truth" Book to record the truths as I learn them. The First of each Month, I'm studying Psalm 67. Here's what Treasure I found today.

The earth has yielded its harvest [in evidence of God’s approval]; God, even our own God, will bless us. Psalm 67:6 (AMP)

As I read Psalm 67 this morning, verse 6 caught my attention, especially the phrase, “God, even our own God.” I had to stop and think about that. God, Elohim, meaning very great and mighty, is “mine”. That means that I have a personal relationship with Him!
Not only does God KNOW me, I can know Him. It’s an amazing thought—that my God is personal! 

Just looking at a (partial) list of the names of God I’m glad I know Him! 

  • El Chaiyai: Living God, God of my life (Jeremiah 10:10; Psalm 42:2)
  • El De’ot: The God of knowledge (1 Samuel 2:3)
  • El Echad: The one God (Malachi 2:10)
  • El Emet: The God of Truth (Psalm 31:5; Isaiah 65:16)
  • El Gibbor: The strong and mighty God (Jeremiah 32:17, 18; Isaiah 10:21)
  • El Haggadol: The great God (Deuteronomy 10:17; Nehemiah 8:6)
  • El Kakkodosh (Elohim Kedoshim, El Kadosh): The Holy God (Joshua 24:19; 1 Samuel 6:20)
  • El Hanne’eman: The faithful God (Deuteronomy 7:9)
  • El Sh’maya: The God of the Heavens (Nehemiah 1:4-5; Psalm 136:26)
  • El Kedem: Eternal God (Deuteronomy 33:27)
  • El Mauzi: God of my Strength (Psalm 43:2)
  • El Mishpat: God of justice (Isaiah 20:18; Malachi 2:17)
  • El Olam: The God of everlasting time; the everlasting God (Psalm 90:1-2; Isaiah 26:4)
  • El Rechem: The merciful God ((Deuteronomy 4:31; Nehemiah 9:31)
  • El Rah’ee: The God who sees me (Genesis 16:13)
  • El Sali: God of my strength, God my rock (2 Samuel 22:47; Psalm 42:9; Psalm 43:2)
  • El Selichot: God of forgiveness (Nehemiah 9:17)
  • El Tehilati: God of my praise (Psalm 109:1)
  • El T’sadik: The righteous God (Isaiah 45:21)
  • El Zur: God our rock (Deuteronomy 32:4; Isaiah 26:4)
  • El Yishi: God of my salvation (Psalm 25:5)

To create a positive day, all I have to do is remember Who God is, and that He knows me, and I can know Him—God, even our own God—my God is personal!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Surgery Day

Today I'm scheduled for my 11th Back Surgery. For those of you who are new to my blog, here's the short version of the past 12 years. 

  • Oct 2000: coughed and herniated a disc in my lower back.
  • April 2001: Surgery 1, hemilaminectomy and diskectomy at L5/S1 level
  • Nov 2001: Surgery 2, Fusion L5/S1 level
  • Aug 2002: Surgery 3: Surgery hardware (left) removed (screw worked way through the bone, damaging nerves/muscles)
  • March 2004: Surgery 4: Re-do the Fusion L5/S1
  • Oct 4, 2005: Surgery 5: Spinal Implant Stimulator Trial, implant wires
  • Oct 11, 2005: Surgery 6: Spinal Implant Stimulator Trial, removal of wires
  • Oct 18, 2005: Surgery 7: Spinal Implant Stimulator (permanent placement of wires; so we thought)
  • Oct 24, 2006: Surgery 8: Spinal Implant Stimulator repaired/new battery
  • Feb 06, 2007: Surgery 9: Spinal Implant Stimulator Paddle Wire placed (wires removed)
  • Nov 10, 2009: Surgery 10: New Battery for Spinal Stimulator
  • Jan 31, 2013: Surgery 11: Spinal Implant Stimulator Trail, testing new wires

In between the surgeries, there have been numerous tests, treatments, etc. Although I live with chronic back and left leg pain, and headaches, I can honestly say that God is good. He has proven time and time again that He loves me.
He has a purpose and a plan for me and that includes living with chronic pain/headaches. Why? I think because He is using the pain to first teach me more about Himself. Secondly, He is using the pain the introduce me to others. And lastly, because He knows that this is the best way for me to accomplish His will, which is sharing His love with others. 

No matter who I'm feeling or what I'm facing, God is good all the time, and all the time God is good! God does not change based upon my circumstances. He can be none other than Who He is. 

So, today is surgery 11. Wonder what God has planned for today? No matter what it is, I know that God is in control and He is an AWESOME God. And that will create a positive day, no matter the outcome!

Triumphant Shouts

This year, I'm sharing my "Treasures" of my study of my "Ponder the Morsels" book. I've picked 31 Psalms to study throughout 2013. Today I studied Psalm 126. Here is what I learned.

Then our mouths were filled with laughter and our tongues with joyful songs. Then the nations said, “The Lord has done spectacular things for them.” Psalm 126:2 (GW)

Then we were filled with laughter, and we sang happy songs. Then the other nations said, “The Lord has done great things for them.” Psalm 126:2 (NCV)

Then: since, at that time, therefore -- beginning, at that time,
Mouths: words, wishes.
Filled: be full of, overflow, fullness.
Laughter: rejoice, make merry, celebrate.
Tongues: organ of singing, speech.
Joyful: cry, gladness, proclamation, rejoicing, shouting, singing, triumph, to give a ringing cry.
Nations: the masses, heathen, people.
Said: be or make prominent, boast.
Lord: of deity Yahweh.
Hath done: accomplish, bestow, furnish.
Great: exceed, excellent, makes it grow; magnify.
For (with): accompanying, by reason of. 
Them: those, another.

There are two responses in Psalm 126:2. The first is a response of those that love God—triumphant shouts!  The second is the response of those that don’t love God—they saw, and boasted, of the goodness of God toward His people.

You can learn about about a person by their actions and reactions. When a person is so excited and happy that joy ‘gushes’ out of them, it makes you smile too. Their happiness is infectious.

Psalm 126:2 adds another dimension to the joy, not only did it produce a loud triumphant shout, but those around knew the reason for the joy and singing—all the blessings God had provided for His people.

So, I’m not just to be “happy”. I’m to be OVERJOYED and SHOUT ........ um shout about what? That I’m just happy? No. I’m to shout triumphantly about the goodness of God.  My joyful shouting and singing is due to the fact that God has/is taking care of me. He has done great and marvelous things and will continue to do great and marvelous things. 

To create a positive day, my triumphant shouts need to include the reason for (and source of) my joy — God’s mighty exceedingly abundant goodness.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cheering Loud and Proud

Throughout this year, each day of the month, I'm "Treasure Hunting" in a Psalm. I've created a "Ponder Every Morsel of Truth" Book to record the truths as I learn them. The Thirtieth of each Month, I'm studying Psalm 92. Here's what Treasure I found today.

They will declare, “The Lord is just! He is my rock! There is no evil in him!” Psalm 92:15 (NLT)

Declare: certify, declare, be conspicuous, stand boldly out, explain, praise.
For (that): forasmuch, inasmuch, whereas, assuredly.
Just (upright): be upright, well-pleased, righteous, straightforward.
Lord: of deity Yahweh.
Rock: a cliff, strength, strong, support and defence.
Is no: much less, nay, neither, never, no, without, literally in the condition of no.
Evil (iniquity): injustice, unrighteousness, perverseness, unjustly, wickedness, to act wrongfully. 

As I read Psalm 92:15 this morning, what first came to mind are all the protests, marches, riots happening around the world. People are boldly proclaiming something, although not always something good. 

I also thought about sporting events (football, NASCAR, etc). We proudly wear our favorite team colors and our favorite player's/driver's number. Some even are very conspicuous as they go so far as painting their bodies in the their team's colors. Seems like we are never ashamed of cheering for our favorite team, driver, or player. We cheer loud and proud—often even when they continue to lose. 

Am I being conspicuous about my God? Do I stand out boldly and share His goodness? Am I ashamed of my God? Am I cheering loud and proud for Him? 

I should be proud to talk about God, not because of what He’s done for me (although He’s done so much!) but simply because of WHO He is! Yes, there is that phrase again which shows up often in my Ponder Morsels. When life is good and going along smoothly, it’s easy to say, “God is good. God is awesome.” But just because my circumstances change, God does not. He is still good. He is still awesome. 

So often God gets “blamed” for when bad things happen. Why? Simply because we don’t understand how a “good God” could allow suffering. But that (suffering) is ultimately the result of sin. In God there is no evil,  He cannot act wrongfully. He is just. And why do we think, when we cannot fully comprehend all that God is and Who He is, that we can understand fully what He is doing? 

Even if we don’t understand, that does NOT change the fact that God is straightforward righteous and He is a strong support for us. There is literally no wickedness or injustice in Him. 

He is a friend without fault, a helper without fail. Whatever he may do with us, he is always in the right; his dispensations have no flaw in them, no, not the most minute. He is true and righteous altogether. The Treasury of David

To create a positive day, I need to be conspicuous about my God! I need to be cheering loud and proud about His goodness and strength.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Building My Relationship

This year, I'm sharing my "Treasures" of my study of my "Ponder the Morsels" book. I've picked 31 Psalms to study throughout 2013. Today I studied Psalm 91. Here is what I learned.

Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. Psalm 91:14 (ASV)

Because you love me, I will rescue you. I will protect you because you know my name. Psalm 91:14 (GW)

The Lord says, “Whoever ·loves [desires] me, I will ·save [rescue]. I will ·protect [lift to safety] those who know ·me [my name]. Psalm 91:14 (EXB)

Because (for): assuredly, but, certainly, doubtless.
Set: to be (inaccessibly) high, be excellent
Love: join to love, delight in, be attached to, strongest attachment, himself with me; is my friend.
Deliver (rescue): carry away safe, deliver, cause to escape.
Know: be aware, comprehend, perceive, understand, acknowledge, acquainted with.
Name: honor, authority, character, especially as embodying the (revealed) character of, 

Because he hath set his love upon me - Has become attached to me; has united himself with me; is my friend. The Hebrew word expresses the strongest attachment, and is equivalent to our expression - "to fall in love." It refers here to the fact that God is the object of supreme affection on the part of his people; and it also here implies, that this springs from their hearts; that they have seen such beauty in his character, and have such strong desire for him, that their hearts go out in warm affection toward him.
Therefore will I deliver him - I will save him from trouble and from danger.
I will set him on high - By acknowledging him as my own, and treating him accordingly.
Because he hath known my name - He has known me; that is, he understands my true character, and has learned to love me. Barnes' Notes on the Bible

There are two responsibilities I’m to carry out in Psalm 91:14: 1. Love God. 2. Know God. And they are both intertwined. If I love God, I want to get to know Him, and the more I know about God, the more I’ll love Him. Think of your friendships. The deeper the love, the more you know, the more you want to spend time with that individual, and the friendship continues to become deeper and more meaningful. 

Love God. Know God. Two simple statements. But what do they mean?
Love: delight in, be attached to, strongest attachment. Know God: be aware, comprehend, perceive, understand, acknowledge, acquainted with. Simply put, I need to build a relationship with God. 
If I delight in God and get acquainted with Him, then He should have an impact in my life.  The impact starts with several things:
  1. WANTING to obey His Word & to do that, I need to spend time IN His Word.
  2. Share Him with others. Don’t you want others to know about your great friends? “Can’t stop talking about Him”
  3. Talk with God. Praying is not giving God my wish list. Rather it’s about being ”in tune” with God so that I understand His will.
  4. Create a desire to love God even more, which will be a natural occurrence as I get to know God. 

To create a positive day I need to work on building my relationship with God; the more I love Him, the more I want to know Him—the more I know Him, the more I love Him.

Monday, January 28, 2013


Throughout this year, each day of the month, I'm "Treasure Hunting" in a Psalm. I've created a "Ponder Every Morsel of Truth" Book to record the truths as I learn them. The Twenty-eigth of each Month, I'm studying Psalm 33. Here's what Treasure I found today.

In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name. Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in you alone. Psalm 33:21, 22 (NLT)

For in Him does our heart rejoice, because we have trusted (relied on and been confident) in His holy name.  Let Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, be upon us, in proportion to our waiting and hoping for You. Psalm 33:21, 22 (AMP)

Because (for): assuredly, but, certainly, doubtless.
Heart: inner man, mind, will, heart, courage, strength, “head & heart”. 
Rejoice: cheer up, be make glad, have, make joyful, be make merry, cause to, make to rejoice.
Trust: be bold confident, secure, sure.
Holy: consecrated thing, dedicated thing, hallowed thing, holiness, most holy.
Name: implication honor, authority, character.

Let: accomplished, committed, to exist.
Loving-kindness: To be kind, abundant, plenteous in kindness, to be good.
As: cause to ascend up, above, according to.
We: who, which, what, that, when—whosoever.
Hope: to be patient, cause to, have, make to hope, stay, tarry, trust, wait.

Where do I find joy? Is there a reason to rejoice? 
Assuredly, I put my courage and strength, in God and that action (putting my confidence) in God is in itself an occasion to rejoice. Always, in each and every circumstance—the act of trusting in the Name (character, God Himself) of God—the source of joy—will produce joy!

As I trust, wait upon God, stay contently with God, His abundant kindness and goodness will exist in my life. 

So the act of trust produces not only joy, but “unleashes” God’s abundant goodness to me, His child. If I want to experience pure joy and abundant goodness, I must place all my confidence—both my “head and heart” —in God and God alone. 

Any day that I have God’s joy and abundant goodness unleashed on me... creates an awesome positive day!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Look Beyond the Steadfast Mountain

This year, I'm sharing my "Treasures" of my study of my "Ponder the Morsels" book. I've picked 31 Psalms to study throughout 2013. Today I studied Psalm 121. Here is what I learned.

I look up to the mountains— does my help come from there? Psalm 121:1 (NLT)

Look up: be content, to lift, carry.
Mountains: to loom up hillside, massive mountain, unmovable hill.
Where: how, what, which way.
Help: the one who will give aid, assistance, one who helps.
Come: abide, associate with, bring near.

Often when in trouble, pain, or fearful, we look to the strongest and most steadfast person or object we can find. That’s what Psalm 121:1 is describing. 

I contently focus my attention to the looming strength and power of the unmovable mountain. Where is the one who will help me staying and abiding? 

My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth! Psalm 121:2 (NLT)

Help: the one who will give aid, assistance, one who helps.
From: accompanying, part of
Lord: of deity Yahweh.
Made: accomplish, fulfill, furnish.
Heavens: highest, horizon, sky.
Earth: land, countryside, world. 

God Himself is help, 
and consider the help He can provide 
considering He created and sustains
the far-reaching expanse of Heaven
and the World itself.

Looking to the things God created for help is futile. No matter how strong and powerful the person or object may be... God created it; therefore, God is the all-powerful One who is the true source of help. 

I must not put my hope in things around me or people, or the government for those will all fail. My hope and help is God Himself. I must contently focus my attention to God Almighty for He and He alone can give me the help I need.  

To create a positive day, I need to look beyond the steadfast mountain of earth, and focus my attention on God the only true source of help and hope. 

Personal Note: Thought I'd share an example of just how detailed God is at meeting my needs. Today's Ponder Morsel was so "on point" for me today. "Look beyond the steadfast mountain" Yesterday, the online news headlines were all about how Social Security Disability will run out before the next 4 years. (I'm on SS Disability due to a back injury that has resulted in permanent nerve/muscle damage in my lower back and left leg.) When I first read the reports yesterday, my head said, "My God shall supply all my needs", but since I continued to think about the "what ifs", I knew that I hadn't really given it over to God.
This morning as I read and studied Psalm 121 the truths surely hit home. Why was I looking to a mountain (government) to take care of me? God has USED it to provide so far—but as He has proven time and time again—God is NOT LIMITED by ANYTHING! God has resources and ways of meeting my needs that are BEYOND my comprehension.
So, I need to look beyond the steadfast mountain, and look to the true source of my help and hope—God Almighty Himself. Even today the example of supplying the TRUTH that I needed today to turn my focus back to HIM, show's a way God supplies all my needs! God is so good! Rhonda