Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday's Blessings!

Once again God showered me with blessings! I am trying to get everything done before the surgery on Tues. I thought I'd get some new sweatpants to wear to the hospital (don't want anything tight on the back and really didn't want to wear ones with holes, lol). I went to Kohls and the Manager very, very graciously allowed me to use a coupon that wasn't active until after my surgery. So the sweatpants were on sale, plus I got an additional 30% off! That was a DOUBLE BLESSING!
On the way home...I passed two Dunkin' Donuts and I was graving a doughnut ....but I resisted. Last night there was a knock at my door..and it was one of my neighbors...a very sweet lady. She had a large piece of coffee cake for me! It has nuts on it too! YUM!!
It's so much fun accepting God's blessings!!! Can't wait to see what God has in store for me today! 

Creating a positive day is so easy when you look for God's blessings!

Friday, November 6, 2009


Before I forget....I want to remind everyone of WEAR RED on FRIDAYs. This is an effort to show support to all our soldiers fighting around the world. For more information you can check out

Today, I see my chiropractor. Trying to make sure I'm the "best I can be" before surgery. People ask me why I continue to see a chiropractor since my back is "already messed up". That's the whole point! Since my back is so messed up it is even more important for me to see Dr. Moore. Some don't understand that chiropractors are not "back doctors". Rather they are "nerve doctors". By adjusting the spine, chiropractors release pressure on the nerves. When that pressure is released, the nerves can function properly and send the messages without interference. Since my nerves have trouble sending signals due to the surgeries and scar tissue, by seeing Dr. Moore on a regular basis, he is able to keep the healthy nerves working correctly.

Maybe this will help explain why I believe in chiropractic:

There are multiple ways to drive into Chicago. Some days the traffic flows without too much difficulty. Yet, just a slight mishap, a flat tire or stalled car, and traffic can come to a halt. An accident can stop traffic altogether.
Your nervous system is just like the highways to Chicago. Information travels to the Brain (Chicago) via the nervous system (the highways). If there is a “flat tire” or “accident” along the way, the information stops and disease and illness settle in.
What are the “flat tires” and “accidents”? Chiropractors call them subluxations. They are caused when the spine is out of alignment and pressure is placed on the nerves.  A slight pressure for a short time causes only minor delays. Yet, as the pressure builds over time, you then have major delays leading to pain and illness.
When subluxations occur, chiropractors use specific techniques to return the vertebrae into their proper positions or mobilize them so they can move freely. During an adjustment, the vertebra is freed from the misaligned position and returned to the proper position in the spinal column. Once performed, the adjustment allows the body to heal. The accident is cleared out of the way and information is flowing freely once again. It’s drug-free, natural, and works! It’s a very simple concept: Keep the highway free of any mishaps, the information flows freely keeping the body healthy.

For me creating a positive day is doing what I can to be healthy. Being healthy involves the body, mind, and spirit. To create the ultimate positive day I need to work on all three.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cool site!

I just found to coolest site!  Attention all designers, teachers, marketing specialists, and creative people! You will want to check out this site! They have AMAZING designs for 3D projects. Need to add a punch to your marketing project? Check out
They have various layouts and designs for many projects. I'm sure you'd find something that would fit your need.
Their Shapes include:
Creating a positive day is easy when you find a great site like Looking forward to making some great projects using the designs available at! 

6 days and counting

Had to get the pre-surgery tests done today. I thought I knew where to go. But when I arrived I was told I was at the wrong place. I had a choice to make. Go back to the valet and drive down to the other area, or walk to through the hospital. I figured I'd walk. Good thing I did! When I arrived a the 'other' place, I was told I was to go to the first place. So I slowly walked back. Very glad I hadn't moved my car!
Finally, got through the registration and waited again for the tests. The actual tests took about 10 min. The entire time at the hospital....2.5 hours! I'm now back home waiting for my pain meds to kick in.
While I was at the hospital I noticed many people wandering the halls, waiting, and working. I noticed when I'd smile at someone or say hello, they were almost shocked. The more kindness I showed the more it seemed to multiply. Since you register in one area and then go to another for the testing, you see many of the same people. I noticed that the people I smiled at or greeted were doing the same thing to others in the next area.
It was interesting to see smiles and hellos spread instead of the germs we were all trying to avoid. It doesn't take much to smile at someone. Since people are at the hospital for a reason...usually not a good one....they are often sad, upset, or down. When they see a smile, or are greeted kindly, it gives them a glimmer of it makes you feel better too.
As we were all waiting in the final waiting room, it was fun to see people greet the 'new comer" with a smiles and hellos. As the seats filled up in the waiting room, people were trying to make more room or make sure the 'needer' ones had a seat. The kindness was continuing to spread. Even the kids seemed calmer as they waited.
Looking back over this was more hectic then I had planned. But it made me more aware of others around me. I was focused on getting my tests done and getting back home to take my pain meds. But God wanted me to notice others. He knew that by making me walk around the hospital, it would make me more aware of others and what they are enduring. God knew that there were people who needed a glimmer of hope today. And God choose me to offer that hope.

Today, God changed my plans a bit to help me create a positive day for others as well as myself. Creating a positive day isn't always about you. Rather it's about sharing God's hope with others, even if it's just a smile.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

7 days and counting

Today is Wed. 7 days until surgery. Today I see my chiropractor and need to pick up Max's food and treats. Max will want something special since I'll "lock" him in his cage on Tuesday. He never gets locked in anymore! But I want to make sure he's safe. I'm planning on coming home the same day as my surgery but I have to plan in case I end up staying overnight.
This weekend I'll fix Max's day cage (pictured above) so he'll have plenty of room to play. His day cage is set with perches on the OUTSIDE rather than the inside, since he only goes inside to eat. Yes, he's very spoiled!!
Max is so much fun! He makes me laugh. Sometimes he acts like he knows what I'm saying. And since Max was a birthday gift from God a few years ago, Max is a special blessing.

Sometimes creating a positive day is just finding something that makes you laugh or smile. It could be a memory of a special day, or a poem you like, or in my case....Max.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Avocados Good for Liver Function

If you’re on medications that cause stress on your liver, dip into the guacamole!

Studies have shown that eating just one or two avocados each week can boost your liver function in as little as one week. Avocados are a cholesterol-free, sodium-free, low saturated fat food with only 5.0 grams of fat per serving (20% of the fruit).
It’s believed by some that avocados protect against heart disease and some cancers.

This article is from REST MINISTRIES. Check out their website for more relevant and interesting articles and information.

Note: If you have a parakeet, please keep the Avocado away from your bird. Avocados are poisonous to birds. That includes guacamole or anything made from avocados. 

Creating a positive day means taking care of yourself. That includes eating healthy foods and drinking LOTS of water. Don't like just plain water? Then add a few drops of lime or lemon juice. The water remains sugar and fat free while having a "kick". I like to add the lemon and lime juice or wedges to my ice cubes. As the ice melts it gives a nice flavor to the water.

Monday, November 2, 2009

8 days and counting

Today was one of those days I had all planned out... you know the type of day when the "To Do List" is full and the pencil is sharpened ready to mark off each task. Well, what I had planned was not what God had planned. My headache was the worst it's been in a while, and I injured my ankle a few weeks was really swollen today. Therefore, instead of finishing my to do list....I knew I'd be confined to the sofa all day.
I was thinking that the day was a total waste...I wouldn't get anything done on my list....until I remembered that my list doesn't really matter. I was to accomplish what God wanted me to do....not some list I concocted.
So, I started rethinking my "To Do List". Rather than what I thought I had to accomplish today, I consulted God on what He wanted me to do. When I changed from "my list" to God's list....the day was much better!
What was on God's list? Extra prayer time. Recently a few people asked I pray for some special requests. Being able to spend time discussing those issues with God was a good use of my time.
As the day progressed, God sent some special blessings my way. I received a nice email. And later in the day I received a package from Hawaii!! A package brightens anyone's day! And since this package was from some very special friends—it made it even better! (A big shout out to Hawaii—Thank you VERY MUCH!!!)
So, my "To do list" remains full. But personally, today turned out to be a special day.

If your plans need to change, don't consider the day a loss. You can still create a positive day by allowing God to direct your plans.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

9 days and counting

Nine days until back surgery #8. At this point, I'd like it to be over, but I should make good use of the 9 days. I'm very thankful for GREAT doctors on my team. Over the past 9 years, I have seen many doctors, and I've heard many stories of doctors who don't care or listen. I've been very blessed with a great chiropractor, Dr. Moore at Moore Health Chiropractic, and a great pain management doctor, Dr. Dallas at Illinois Pain Institute.

This back surgery is "minor" compared to some of the past seven. It's a day I should be able to sleep in my own bed that night. That is something I don't take for granted. If any of you have slept in a hospital bed, you know they can be uncomfortable. God enabled me to get a Select Comfort Sleep Number bed a few years ago, and it's just WONDERFUL! Being able to adjust the firmness whenever I'd like, is not only fun.....but makes the bed perfect for resting. Max even likes playing on the bed. 

As I look out the living room window...the leaves are all gone. They were beautiful shades of yellows and oranges this year. Of all the Seasons, I wish Fall lasted longer. The color are so pretty, but disappear so quickly. Guess it's a good reminder to enjoy today—things change so quickly.
Time to take my own advise and ENJOY today! 

Create a positive a daily action. Although you created a positive day yesterday, today is a new waiting to be created! Have fun creating a positive day!