Wednesday, November 4, 2009

7 days and counting

Today is Wed. 7 days until surgery. Today I see my chiropractor and need to pick up Max's food and treats. Max will want something special since I'll "lock" him in his cage on Tuesday. He never gets locked in anymore! But I want to make sure he's safe. I'm planning on coming home the same day as my surgery but I have to plan in case I end up staying overnight.
This weekend I'll fix Max's day cage (pictured above) so he'll have plenty of room to play. His day cage is set with perches on the OUTSIDE rather than the inside, since he only goes inside to eat. Yes, he's very spoiled!!
Max is so much fun! He makes me laugh. Sometimes he acts like he knows what I'm saying. And since Max was a birthday gift from God a few years ago, Max is a special blessing.

Sometimes creating a positive day is just finding something that makes you laugh or smile. It could be a memory of a special day, or a poem you like, or in my case....Max.

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