Thursday, November 5, 2009

6 days and counting

Had to get the pre-surgery tests done today. I thought I knew where to go. But when I arrived I was told I was at the wrong place. I had a choice to make. Go back to the valet and drive down to the other area, or walk to through the hospital. I figured I'd walk. Good thing I did! When I arrived a the 'other' place, I was told I was to go to the first place. So I slowly walked back. Very glad I hadn't moved my car!
Finally, got through the registration and waited again for the tests. The actual tests took about 10 min. The entire time at the hospital....2.5 hours! I'm now back home waiting for my pain meds to kick in.
While I was at the hospital I noticed many people wandering the halls, waiting, and working. I noticed when I'd smile at someone or say hello, they were almost shocked. The more kindness I showed the more it seemed to multiply. Since you register in one area and then go to another for the testing, you see many of the same people. I noticed that the people I smiled at or greeted were doing the same thing to others in the next area.
It was interesting to see smiles and hellos spread instead of the germs we were all trying to avoid. It doesn't take much to smile at someone. Since people are at the hospital for a reason...usually not a good one....they are often sad, upset, or down. When they see a smile, or are greeted kindly, it gives them a glimmer of it makes you feel better too.
As we were all waiting in the final waiting room, it was fun to see people greet the 'new comer" with a smiles and hellos. As the seats filled up in the waiting room, people were trying to make more room or make sure the 'needer' ones had a seat. The kindness was continuing to spread. Even the kids seemed calmer as they waited.
Looking back over this was more hectic then I had planned. But it made me more aware of others around me. I was focused on getting my tests done and getting back home to take my pain meds. But God wanted me to notice others. He knew that by making me walk around the hospital, it would make me more aware of others and what they are enduring. God knew that there were people who needed a glimmer of hope today. And God choose me to offer that hope.

Today, God changed my plans a bit to help me create a positive day for others as well as myself. Creating a positive day isn't always about you. Rather it's about sharing God's hope with others, even if it's just a smile.

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