Friday, November 6, 2009


Before I forget....I want to remind everyone of WEAR RED on FRIDAYs. This is an effort to show support to all our soldiers fighting around the world. For more information you can check out

Today, I see my chiropractor. Trying to make sure I'm the "best I can be" before surgery. People ask me why I continue to see a chiropractor since my back is "already messed up". That's the whole point! Since my back is so messed up it is even more important for me to see Dr. Moore. Some don't understand that chiropractors are not "back doctors". Rather they are "nerve doctors". By adjusting the spine, chiropractors release pressure on the nerves. When that pressure is released, the nerves can function properly and send the messages without interference. Since my nerves have trouble sending signals due to the surgeries and scar tissue, by seeing Dr. Moore on a regular basis, he is able to keep the healthy nerves working correctly.

Maybe this will help explain why I believe in chiropractic:

There are multiple ways to drive into Chicago. Some days the traffic flows without too much difficulty. Yet, just a slight mishap, a flat tire or stalled car, and traffic can come to a halt. An accident can stop traffic altogether.
Your nervous system is just like the highways to Chicago. Information travels to the Brain (Chicago) via the nervous system (the highways). If there is a “flat tire” or “accident” along the way, the information stops and disease and illness settle in.
What are the “flat tires” and “accidents”? Chiropractors call them subluxations. They are caused when the spine is out of alignment and pressure is placed on the nerves.  A slight pressure for a short time causes only minor delays. Yet, as the pressure builds over time, you then have major delays leading to pain and illness.
When subluxations occur, chiropractors use specific techniques to return the vertebrae into their proper positions or mobilize them so they can move freely. During an adjustment, the vertebra is freed from the misaligned position and returned to the proper position in the spinal column. Once performed, the adjustment allows the body to heal. The accident is cleared out of the way and information is flowing freely once again. It’s drug-free, natural, and works! It’s a very simple concept: Keep the highway free of any mishaps, the information flows freely keeping the body healthy.

For me creating a positive day is doing what I can to be healthy. Being healthy involves the body, mind, and spirit. To create the ultimate positive day I need to work on all three.

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