Saturday, May 12, 2012

Looking for 1 thing... finding another!

I'm searching for an Elliptical. One of those exercise machines that lets you move without stressing the joints. My online search and visits to a variety of stores has taught me that the machines are expensive. I've moved my search to garage sales. Maybe someone out there has one they'd like to sell... cheap. 

Yesterday, I stopped at one garage sale, thinking maybe, just maybe, they'd be selling one. I looked around and although they had a lot of stuff, no elliptical.

I was wearing my RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) Soldiers' Angels shirt. The gentleman asked what Soldiers' Angels was. I explain how we support current Military men and women, their families, wounded Soldiers and our Veterans.

He mentioned that he was a Navy Vet. He served on the USS Philippine Sea many, many, years ago. It was such an honor to talk with this gentlemen and hear some of his military service. What a wonderful surprise. I went searching for 1 thing.. and found a Navy Veteran!

It always amazes me when I meet Veterans and our current Military men and women—they are so humble and proud of serving our Country. I walk away from talking with them, enriched having just met and spent some time in their company. 

To each and every Military Man & Woman
and to each Veteran

Often it's those unexpected surprises that create a positive day!