Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Unconventional Solution!

It's been a while since I posted... I've been busy unpacking in my "new" place. I'm enjoying the remodel results. 
The unpacking has been moving slowly for several reasons, 1) my pain level can't take too much at one time, 2) I'm rearranging things. 
I decided while packing up my apartment, that this would be the time to reevaluate what I have where and why. Throughout the years, I've worked on getting things which help keep my pain level lower: sleep number bed in the bedroom, a high table in the kitchen, a shelving unit putting things within my reach (my pantry), and most recently the daybed and new mattress in the living room. 
Yet, I didn't think through where things were put and how they affected my pain. Until now. 
One simple change I made was in the kitchen. Since lifting things up above my head is painful putting plates away in the cupboard is difficult. So, why not put the plates in a drawer?! I love it. Yes, it's not the "conventional" way to do things, but it sure helps me. I used the silverware drawer for the plates and bowls. The silverware is now by the stove in a drawer which was for the towels and hot pads. The latter are now in a basket on a shelf (my pantry). 
Moving the plates to the drawer is such a simple thing.... don't know why I didn't think of it sooner. But then plates aren't to go in drawers.... until now! 

So often I am caught up in the pain that I miss simple solutions around me. Oh, I fully understand those all consuming pain days. But those are the days I should work harder as changing my focus. The more I focus on the pain, I miss the solutions to lower the pain. 

Maybe you don't suffer from physical pain, but there are frustrations which can be all consuming. Perhaps at work, you are in the midst of a problem and you can't find your way out. Take some time to think about something else. "Oh, but I don't have time." Well you aren't making any progress by focusing on the problem are you? Most often we find solutions to our problems or relief from pain, when we take a moment to change our focus. Then when we return to the problem, the solution will be very clear. 

Creating a positive day isn't possible, if I focus on ONLY the pain or the problems. When I change my focus to the positive and give my mind a rest, the solutions will come. It's not a difficult thing, to change our focus, but it's one that doesn't come naturally. Next time you find yourself consumed with a problem (or pain), think about my unconventional solution—the drawer of plates.  
The solution is there,
if you DON'T think about it!