Friday, December 25, 2009


The photo in this ornament was taken from my living room window! Beautiful view!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why, "Create a Positive Day"?

My blog is called, "Create a Positive Day!" for a reason. I write about my life and how I deal with chronic pain. I've learned that the key to living with pain is keeping positive and I do that by keeping my focus on Jesus Christ. He is my source of joy. He promises joy and peace to His people, it's up to us to take hold of it.
I realize that living with chronic pain can be very depressing... but that is because we take our eyes off Christ and focus on our circumstances. It's just like Peter walking on the water during the storm. He was able to RISE above his circumstances when he focused on God. Once he looked at the storm and waves... he started sinking. He cried out to God, and God raised Him and put him in the boat.
That truth is vital for all Christians. When we continually look at and focus on our circumstances, we will sink deeper into depression and pain. However, if we change our focus to God, we can receive His love and joy and enjoy rising about our circumstances and share God's love with others. Yes, the pain remains; however, it's much easier to handle when our focus is on God.
How do we focus on God.... read and mediate on Scripture. Spend time praying....not just for yourself, but others. And then begin sharing God's love with others. The more you share God's love, you open yourself to receive more of His love.....His unconditional, unending love.
I know that some of you will say... but you don't live with my pain. No, I don't. I only know what my chronic pain feels like. But I do know my God. I do know what it is like to receive His unconditional love. And I do know that I'm happier when I focus on God and allow Him to use me to share His love with those around me.

This Christmas, don't think of all the things you can't do, or who you can't be with, or how depressing you feel. Rather, read the Christmas story... either Matthew 1:18 - 2:12; and/or Luke 2:1-20. Read it over and over.... focus on God and His love for you. Then spend time praying, thanking God for His love, for His gift of eternal life, and how He is working in your life. Then begin praying for others you know.
God has allowed some of us to travel a journey of pain and illness. Why? Because He wants us to share His story with others. He wants us to glorify God and let others see God through us. You see we have a VERY SPECIAL job. It's easy to love God and share His love when things are going great. But when others see we can still praise God and reach out to others in spite of our pain.... that's TRUE UNCONDITIONAL love!
We are special messengers!
 For those of you who don't live with chronic pain or illness... you still have a great message to share!

If you are feeling depressed or if your pain is overwhelming.... I challenge you to spend time in the Scriptures and change your focus. It will take some time, and you have to be willing to allow the Holy Spirit to begin working in your heart. But in time, you will realize just how much God loves you and how He wants you to share His love with those around you.

Our hope is not found in some cure—
rather our HOPE is God Himself!

May each of you have a VERY Merry Christmas as you focus on God and His amazing gift of love.

Create a positive day isn't just a phrase to me. It's my way of life. It's hard work to CREATE a positive day...but it's soooooooo worth it! The only way I can create a positive day is by focusing on God and His love for me.