Friday, January 29, 2010

What God had planned....

Back on Tuesday, Jan 19th, I mentioned some things which I had planned for the day, but didn't know what God had planned. Well, here's the update.

I dropped off my car for an oil change, and maybe a new battery. Then a friend and I went up to Woodfield Mall, so I could drop off my computer to get that fixed. My friend and I went to enjoy a nice lunch and talk, while we waited for the repairs to be completed. During lunch my phone rang. It was the Auto Repair, I quickly thought, 'my car is finished'. However, I was wrong. The car needed many more repairs that I had planned. My friend quickly and kindly reminded me that God is in control.
After lunch we returned to the computer store, they'd need to keep my computer for a few days to fix it. And since my car wouldn't be ready for a few days... my friend drove me home..empty handed. 

The car repairs and a computer operating system upgrade, were not in my plans. However, God has a way of teaching me total dependence on Him. I had a credit card check (pay a 1 time fee and no interest for 6 months) so I used that to pay the car repairs. That gives me some time to pay it off, or for God to supply in one of His creative ways.

When I went to pick up my car, I took the "guys" cupcakes. I wanted them to know that I wasn't mad at them for the high priced repairs. They work hard to keep my 15 year old car running and safe. 
The next day, I went to pick up my computer. It was raining so I turned on the wipers.... I noticed one of my wipers was worn out and the rubber kept sliding out of the holder. Not a good then when driving in the rain. 

The next day, I stopped by the Auto Repair so they could put on new wipers. The guys greeted me with something else wrong? When I explained it was just my wipers, there were sighs of relief all around! One of the guys put on my wipers and when I asked how much, the reply was..."This is on us! You brought us great cupcakes!". That was a great reminder that since God takes care of little things, He can easily take care of the big things.

Jan 19th was a day which did not go as I had planned.  However, God once again showed me that He is in control and He can take care of me, no matter what comes my way. God continually teaches me to depend on Him.

On Jan 19th post, I included a part about Leading. God does not lead aimlessly. He has reasons for His plans and all that He allows in our lives. He wants us to be dependent on Him and to glorify Him... no matter what! Years ago, a friend said something which I remember even to this day... "Is God enough?" We quickly answer "yes, of course". But when it comes down to daily living... every day needs.... do we really believe, that "God is enough?". 

On Jan 19th I had to work hard to create a positive day. If I focused on the news of all the "bad" that was happening it was overwhelming. Yet, when I got my focus back on God and His leading and His ability to care for me.... it was a very POSITIVE DAY!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

365 Days of Thanks....Scrap February

The new kit in my series, 365 Days of Thanks, has been posted. Go to Crafty Scraps. Under the Creative Team Stuff, you will see Freebie Collections, the kits and calendars are posted there. These items are free for you and are for personal use only.

Here is a preview of
365 Days of Thanks February Kit.

Hobbies and crafts are just a few ways of creating positive days. You can use the hobbies or crafts to create gifts, or just enjoy keeping track of some of the great things God has done.