Thursday, July 10, 2014

God's agenda

Watching the sun rise and talking with God about HIS agenda for today. The fact that God can create a beautiful sunrise that is different from the day before, yet just as spectacular, is a great reminder that God has a specific plan for today. His agenda is one that will accomplish HIS will, and bring honor and glory to Him. 

As I go about my day, I am praying that I'll follow God's agenda today, and leave my "to do list" and expectations at home.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sunrise July 9.2014

As I was watching the Sunrise this morning, I noticed that the colors started to show to the left of the sunrise. It made me wonder if I had missed the colors on other mornings, since I was so focused on the actually "sun rising". That made me think even more.... how often am I so focused on MY solution, or where I think I'll find answers, help, etc, that I miss what God has planned "on the side-lines". 

I've written many times about God's creativity in supplying all my needs. He uses resources and ways that I could NEVER have even imagined. This week, He demonstrated how He planned WAY in advance (20 years!) to provide a discount on my car registration. (Click here for details.)

I hope that my pictures of this morning's sunrise will be a reminder to me, that I need to keep my focus on God, for He sees the "big picture"! If I focus on just one aspect, I'll miss out on some of His amazing blessings.

Monday, July 7, 2014

A little word, turned into BIG blessing!

Talk about a GOD who knows how to take care of DETAILS! 
I moved from Florida in March 1994. At that time I owned a 1990 Ford. I moved back to Florida in June 2014 and now own a 2012 Ford. 
I went to finish the Florida registration process for my car today. (I had to wait for FL to get my title from the bank in IL.)

The song playing on the CD, as I pulled into the Driver's place, was "He's Been Faithful" Damaris Carbaugh. 

As the lady was working on my information, the system would not let her give me a handicap plate, even though I qualified. Come to find out, I was STILL in their system from 20 years ago with the 1990 car. The lady and her manager tried to merge my accounts, but that wouldn't work. So the lady helping me called Tallahassee. They got the accounts merged. Come to find out back when I bought the 1990 car, it was entered in the system as a "lease" rather than "buy". So, my record stayed in the system...... for over 20 years! 

Why is that LITTLE detail so important? Because, since I owned a FL car.... I was able to get the Florida DISCOUNT.. and we aren't talking just a few dollars..... My Heavenly Father, the God of Details, used the little world "lease", to save me $229.00! WOW!!!! 

And when I went to leave and turned on the car, I heard.... "He's been faithful, yes, He's been faithful to me. Yes, looking back His love and mercy I see....." 
So thankful that MY GOD is a God of Details, and continues to take care of me. He's so awesome!