Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Acting like a 2-year-old

I've said before that I'm not a good "waiter". I take a LONG time to make a decision, but once the decision is made, I want to go FULL-STEAM ahead. But God continues to teach me, that I have much to learn during the "waiting times." 

I've been talking with my Heavenly Father about moving South for years. Before my sister got sick, I had thought maybe I was to move to Macon to be near her and my parents. However, I was in the midst of surgeries and procedures here, so moving at that time just didn't make sense. 
Then after my sister died, Mom and Dad moved back to Florida. So, I continued praying about if and when I should move to Florida. However, God just didn't give me peace about it. 

Then after my last surgery in April of 2013, and some of the decisions regarding my pain and what could be done.... God started to prepare me for moving. After discussing it with a dear friend, just to make sure I was thinking clearly, and more prayer, I knew that it was now time to move. 

So, once that decision was made, I started working on where. Once that was decided, I then proceeded with the application process.... and waiting. 
I want to move NOW.... yet, I know that I have many things to that need to be taken care of BEFORE I can move. God is allowing this waiting time, so that I can accomplish tasks at a "slower-rate" so that I can handle the increase in pain. 

I know WHY I'm not moving THIS SECOND... but there is still part of me that wants to do it NOW. Sounds like a 2-year-old, I know... but that's how I feel. 

I'm so thankful that God has a PERFECT plan and that He is working out all the specifics as to where the exact apartment will be, and the exact date of the move. My responsibility is to do what I can each day to prepare for the move and the save as much money as possible to pay for move and the expenses associated with the move. 

I'm praying that I'll learn while "waiting" and that I won't rush ahead of God. For His timing is always the best. Very thankful that God is patient and knows that at times I act like a 2-year-old.... but He knows exactly how to handle a 2-year-old.... so I'm in very good hands.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Apartment on a Diet

I had the apartment all clean for the Moving Estimate, but as I continue to work to separate into "keep" and "sell" piles, it now looks like the apartment exploded. lol A friend is loaning me some tables, on which I can display the "sell items", that will help organize that stuff. 

Today, I need to re-organized the stuff in the bedroom so that I know what sells and what I'm keeping. Yesterday, I lightened the load by almost 150 pounds! YEAH! I wonder how many more pounds I can lose as I sort through things this weekend. 

Overall, I'm enjoying putting my apartment on a diet. lol Over 20 years, I've accumulated a lot of stuff. And since I had the place for it, I kept it. Back in 2010, when I moved out for the remodeling of the apartment, I downsized some, so that helps now. 

It will be fun when I learn what the actual weight of my move will be.... but first, I need to finish the "diet" and wait on the perfect place God has for me.   Last night I found myself once again praying for the person that is to move out, so that I can move in. I am wondering how long they've lived in that apartment and where they are moving to—is it close by, or out of state? 
I wonder who is praying to move into my place? Will my apartment be someone's answer to their prayers? That would be really cool to be an answer to someone's prayers. I hope the person(s) who move into my apartment, enjoy it as much as I have. 

Well, time to begin today's "Do list". Hope you each have a super Saturday. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Yesterday, a moving company came to give me an estimate for moving all my stuff. I learned that it's all based on weight, not how much room it takes on the truck. That changes what I'll keep, and what I'll try to sell. 

I'm surveying the stuff I had planned to keep, but now I'm looking through a different "lens" . When I first sorted through the stuff, I was thinking, "Why not keep this, doesn't take up much room." 
However, now I'm looking through a "weight-lens". I am making choices now, not based on "I think I want that", but rather, "How much does it weigh? Is that weight worth this item?" 

As I thought through my "change of lenses", I came to realize, that I SHOULD do the same in life. When I look at things through my UNFILTERED Lens of Rhonda, I see what I want, often selfish and not the best choices.

However, if I put on God's Lenses and view things through His holiness, His righteousness, and His standards, then I choose different things. I need to remember that when I get up in the morning, I need to make sure I'm viewing my daily activities, attitude, words, actions, everything through God's lenses.

Viewing through God's lenses, is the only way that I can make sure that I see not only what I'm to do, but how I can reach out to others and share God's love with them. For if I am looking at those around me through "Rhonda's Lenses" I will see their sins, their wrongs, etc., but if I see them the way God does, I'll see someone who needs to know God loves them and forgives them. 

So, whose lenses do you have on today? 

Saturday, April 5, 2014


All this sorting and cleaning out of files, closets, etc got me thinking. Yesterday, I came across receipts for oil changes from my 1995 Escort. Ok, there is NO need to keep those... I have had my new car for almost 2 years now! lol I find that I "just file" and don't take the time to clean the files. You never know when I MIGHT need that piece of paper. Or someday, I'll need.... whatever it is. It's all neatly tucked away, so it's out of sight, but it's there. Now if I ever needed some of those items, I'm not sure I'd be able to find them... BUT I know I have them!  lol 
I looked at this two ways.
A negative, is that I hang onto stuff that happens in my life, and Satan really likes to use the negative stuff to discourage me and fill my life with unimportant matters to distract me from what God is trying to accomplish. 
A positive, is that the more of God's Truth I have filed away, I can "dig them out" when a situation arrises. 

So, this brings me back to my purging. As I purge the apartment of "things", I need to also purge my life of anything which allows Satan to get a foothold into my life. How do I purge my life? That's a job which I need the help of Almighty God. Thankfully, He not only has the ability to do that job, He is ready and willing to do it... if I allow Him to have access.