Saturday, April 10, 2010

God's Timing

The past couple of days,
I've been very aware of God's timing.

God's Timing #1: On Friday, due to the accident and coming home via an alternate route, (see post below) God led me to a dumpster FULL of boxes. Exactly what I needed to help with my "non-move". (My apartment is being remodeled, so I'll have to move out for a few days.) The boxes are heavy duty and various sizes... couldn't ask for better boxes. All very clean and were waiting just for me! If I had come home my usual route, or if I had stopped at the store as I had originally planned, I would have missed the boxes. But God led me home via that route and I was able to FILL my car full of boxes (even cut down so more would fit!!). Now, I'm ready to start packing. 

God's Timing #2: As part of the "non-move" I've been purging stuff. The past few days I've been shredding TONS of papers. Today, my shredder jammed and broke. I went online to see what I could find and Office Depot was having a TRADE-IN Special through TODAY!! I was able to get $25 for my broken old shredder!! Again, God knew if my shredder was going to break, today I'd be able to get $25 for it! Plus the shredder I bought was on sale!! A double savings! The new shredder is working great.

It's fun to notice when God does things. Sometimes...okay more than often....I'm frustrated with God's timing. Why do I have to wait so long? Why can't He work faster? Yet, I know that God's timing is best. I don't always understand His timing, yet since God does love me, He works on His time frame....for my good. Sometimes, His timing is to teach me, and sometimes He uses it to teach those around me. No matter the reason, God does know what He is doing and will accomplish His work in His time frame. 

When I allow God to work in my life in His time frame, my life is less frustrating and more enjoyable. If I want to create a positive day, I have to remember that God uses delays, detours, and distractions to accomplish His will. If I go about my day using God's schedule, it is a great day!

God's Protection

Yesterday, I was reminded again of God's protection. I saw my chiropractor and enjoyed a massage. After my massage, I remembered a question I had for my chiropractor, Dr. Moore. I waited as he finished with his last patient, and then we discussed my question.
On the way home, I heard on the radio about an accident at an intersection which I use very often. Just then an ambulance went passed... on the way to the accident scene. I took an alternate route home.
This morning I read in the paper, that a man was killed and four were hospitalized due to the accident. That's when it hit me. If I had left immediately after my massage, I would have been VERY near the intersection at the time of the accident. Once again, God delayed me to protect me from being hurt.

Creating a positive day involves being led by God and not fretting about a delay or a change of plans. Often God is working behind the scenes and is protecting us from dangers which we can't see, or have any knowledge.

You can read another example of God's protection on my post dated 8/28/2009; How God Used Sponges!.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm in the middle of a huge project. My apartment will be remodeled the beginning of May. That means I have to move out for a few days. Since I have to pack everything for the move, I'm trying to get rid of half of everything I own. Why half? Several reasons. 1. I simply have too much stuff. 2. It will be cheaper and easier to move with less. 3. It's time to get rid of stuff I haven't used for years! 4. I to start fresh in a "new" apartment... without all the old stuff. 
Of course, there are somethings which I will keep, no matter the age. But it sure feels good to purge. It's amazing how much stuff I've accumulated in 16 years! Yes, I've been in this apartment for 16 years. Perhaps that explains why I have so much......stuff. 

All this physical purging makes me think of my spiritual life. Do I need to purge my spiritual life too? Do I have preconceived ideas of God or how He works? Do I have "stuff" which doesn't fit into God's plan? Do I fill my life with 'religious' stuff, rather than God's truth? 

Just as I had to be motivated to purge my apartment, sometimes, God creates situations to make us purge our spiritual lives. I look back to when I first injured my back...I was doing okay spiritually....but God knew I needed to "clean house". I had some ideas of how God would work, or could work—and my views put limits on God. Of course, if you had said I "limited God", I would have thought you were crazy. God can not be limited....yet, I was doing just that. God has taught me to re-evaluate my beliefs and search for the truth about God.

Sometimes, we think of purging as a punishment. But it's not. It's simply getting rid of the 'old' to allow room for the 'new'. I don't feel deprived because I getting rid of stuff, rather it is very freeing and refreshing. 

Throughout Scripture, many had to be taught truths about God. Job had to do a great deal of searching to find the truth about God. He couldn't rely on his "friends" to teach him the truth, because they had preconceived ideas about God.  Job had to look to God to learn the truth. In the New Testament, Paul spends a great deal of time teaching Christians to look at God's truth, rather than the 'religion's rules' the people had known all their lives. 

As I continue to purge my apartment, I want to continue purging my spiritual life as well. I don't want to hold on to old beliefs if they aren't truth. The only way for me to know if what I believe is truth or just "ideas" is to search the Scriptures. I'm excited to see what new and exciting truths I learn about God as I purge. 

It's exciting to purge and start new. That is one thing I love about each day. No matter what day I created the day before.... I have a new slate to create a positive day. And when I create a positive day, it's a great building block for the next day.