Saturday, April 10, 2010

God's Timing

The past couple of days,
I've been very aware of God's timing.

God's Timing #1: On Friday, due to the accident and coming home via an alternate route, (see post below) God led me to a dumpster FULL of boxes. Exactly what I needed to help with my "non-move". (My apartment is being remodeled, so I'll have to move out for a few days.) The boxes are heavy duty and various sizes... couldn't ask for better boxes. All very clean and were waiting just for me! If I had come home my usual route, or if I had stopped at the store as I had originally planned, I would have missed the boxes. But God led me home via that route and I was able to FILL my car full of boxes (even cut down so more would fit!!). Now, I'm ready to start packing. 

God's Timing #2: As part of the "non-move" I've been purging stuff. The past few days I've been shredding TONS of papers. Today, my shredder jammed and broke. I went online to see what I could find and Office Depot was having a TRADE-IN Special through TODAY!! I was able to get $25 for my broken old shredder!! Again, God knew if my shredder was going to break, today I'd be able to get $25 for it! Plus the shredder I bought was on sale!! A double savings! The new shredder is working great.

It's fun to notice when God does things. Sometimes...okay more than often....I'm frustrated with God's timing. Why do I have to wait so long? Why can't He work faster? Yet, I know that God's timing is best. I don't always understand His timing, yet since God does love me, He works on His time frame....for my good. Sometimes, His timing is to teach me, and sometimes He uses it to teach those around me. No matter the reason, God does know what He is doing and will accomplish His work in His time frame. 

When I allow God to work in my life in His time frame, my life is less frustrating and more enjoyable. If I want to create a positive day, I have to remember that God uses delays, detours, and distractions to accomplish His will. If I go about my day using God's schedule, it is a great day!

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