Friday, January 13, 2012

God takes GREAT care of me!

My Heavenly Father sure takes GREAT care of me! When I came home on Tuesday, God made sure that the 'open' handicap spot was of His choosing. 

On Thursday, a snow storm came through leaving between 3 and 4 inches of snow. "He orders the snow, 'Blanket the earth!'" Job 37:6
God's handiwork sure looked beautiful this morning!

I left early for my chiropractic appointment, thinking my car would be covered in snow, as so many were. But God cleaned off my car! The location of my car and the wind God sent, cleaned off my car perfectly! 

But God wasn't done yet. He prompted someone to shovel a CLEAR path to my car door. I'm so thankful for His loving care and taking care of the little details that make my day so much easier.

Creating a positive day is noticing how God takes care of the little details.