Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rock A Bye Birdie!

I created this layout using the kit RELAX from Crafty Scraps Chat. As I was creating this layout, Max was walking on my wacom tablet chirping and chatting with me. Since this layout was about him, he wanted to input his ideas!
When I finished the layout, Max hopped to my shoulder, looked at the computer screen and said "HAPPY". Guess he was giving his approval for the layout! ;>)

Birds will only tuck their heads under their wings to sleep when they at peace and feel safe. When I see Max so comfortable and at rest, I can't help but sigh and relax myself.

Creating a positive day is sometimes just about relaxing and being at peace. Many things can help you relax. Create a positive day today by relaxing and enjoying the peace God gives.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Update to "Responsibilty or lack of faith" post

On August 19th, I posted a blog about being responsible with my money and then trusting God to supply the rest. Here is an update to that post.

For the past few years, someone has been sending me "air conditioner" money each summer. It helps pay the increased electricity costs during the summer months when I have to use the air conditioner. This year due to various circumstances in that person's life, I wasn't expecting it. However, last night I learned that the "check is in the mail!". It should arrive just in time to pay part of this months electricity bill! God continues to supply in His way and in His time.

When praising God, it's easy to create a positive day!

How God Used Sponges!

Today I went to Target to pick up a few things. I wandered from isle to isle looking for cleaning sponges. I thought they'd be by the cleaning soaps and the dusting cloths. I spent about 10 minutes looking for sponges! I finally saw another customer and asked if she knew where the sponges were. She directed me to another area in the store. I found the sponges I needed and went to check out.
The lines were long. I tried to pick one that I thought would move quickly. But the person in front of me, had a problem. So I waited. Then it was my turn. My checkout went smoothly. Went out to my car and put the purchases in the car. I started to drive home. It had been raining all day and was a bit foggy too. I was almost home, when I heard sirens. An accident had JUST happened about 10 cars ahead of me. It was at a very busy intersection near my home. The police arrived, followed by the ambulance and fire trucks. The entire line of traffic slowly worked our way past the ambulance and accident scene. As I drove by, you couldn't tell where the cars were going. They were both heading the wrong way down the opposite side of the road.
As I continued the short drive to my home, all I could think about was my search for sponges! If the sponges would have been in the isle with the cleaning supplies, I might have been at that intersection at the time of the accident.
God is so creative. Today He used the location so sponges to delay me from arriving home so I would avoid an accident. A few years ago, God used Canadian Geese to delay me so I'd avoid an accident (but that's another story!).
The next time I can't find something in the store, or I get stuck in the "longest" line in the store, instead of being frustrated, I think I'll stop and thank God for the delay, for whatever the reason.

Today, a frustrating hunt turned into accident avoiding delay. Sometimes, we don't see the positive thing that happened because we were delayed or had to take a detour. The next time you are delayed take a moment to consider it could turn out to be a very positive occurrence! Creating a positive day is being willing to know that God controls our lives and He is working for our good.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Silly Kit!

Looking for a FREE Scrapbook Kit? Stop by CRAFTY SCRAP Chat and under the CREATIVE TEAM forum check the Challenge section for the SILLY KIT! link!

Silly Kit Part 1

Create a positive day by sharing smiles and some laughs!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's only ONE aspect of my life!

In October 2000, I injured my back. 7 back surgeries have left me with "failed back surgery syndrome"; a name doctors created when there was nothing more than can do. Due to nerve and muscle damage in my back and left leg, I use crutches. My friends have learned we eat at restaurants with high tables so I can stand (sitting is very painful after just 10 or 15 minutes).
The other day a friend took me out to run some errands. We stopped to enjoyed lunch. During our conversation, my friend said something that stuck with me. "Pain in only one aspect of you. There is more to you and our friendship besides your pain. Yes, it's there, and I'm aware of it, but we don't focus on it."
I am more than "just my pain". When I think about that phrase I realize how true it is. Yes, my day and what I do is determined by my pain, but the pain is not all of me. There are many aspects of my life that my pain doesn't need to impact. I can still care about someone. I can still encourage someone. I can be creative. I can carry on conversations about any topic that I find interesting. I can still learn. The list continues.
I am more than just my pain. There is more to me. Yet, it is up to me if I allow other so see more than just pain. That doesn't mean I do things I can't. It simply means that I don't make my pain the most important aspect of my life. I have a choice.
I don't want people to know only my pain. I want them to know about me, the person. I want them to know that my favorite color is green. I enjoy drinks with a lot of ice. I love snowcones anytime I can get one! I want them to know about Max and all the funny things he does. I want them to know I enjoy laughing and a good mystery.
Pain is only one aspect of me!

Creating a positive day is remembering that pain is only one aspect of my life. If I focus only on my pain, I rob myself of the joys and blessings God provides.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Do I act or react?

The other day I went to the bank. Several lanes were full, so there was a wait. The person in the car behind me was growing in patient. There was nothing I could do to hurry up the bank employees. As I was waiting for the tube to my arrive I was ready to REACT to the impatient person behind me. I was ready to grab the tube open it and throw the money on the seat and drive away. But something stopped me. I decided to ACT. Not REACT to total stranger. 

So, I slowly opened the tube and looked in.....There were only 2 items in the tube; there should have been 4! They had not given me all my money! I quickly pushed the call button and told them the mistake, and sent the tube back. That really got the person behind mad! He couldn't figure out why I was still waiting when the tube had already come! I smiled thinking, if I had simple REACTED to his honking, I would have been short changed—literally! It took a another 5 or 6 minutes for the bank to correct their mistake and give me the correct amount. As I drove off, I smiled. If I had REACTED to a total stranger it would have cost me $40. Yet, making the decision to ACT not REACT, proved to be well worth it.

This started me thinking. How many times do I REACT to a situation rather than ACT? I realize that not all actions/reactions cost me money; but there are other things which I can lose depending on what I do. I could lose sharing a smile. Or just enjoying a moment. There are many opportunities each day to either ACT or REACT.

For me, slowing down and thinking about what I do creates a much more positive day. The next time I am about to have a knee jerk reaction, I hope to remember the $40 and change my reaction to carefully thought out action. Positive actions are much more pleasant!