Sunday, May 11, 2014

Help of a stranger

Wow! God sent some great blessings. 
I needed a BIG box for some pictures/frames. I received an email for 10% off my purchase at Home Depot. So I went over and found a box that would work. As I was waiting to check out, a gentleman came up behind me with his hands full. I offered to let him go ahead of me, since I had a cart. He said, "No, it's not heavy." Then we chatted. As I was checking out, he then offered to help me get the box in my car. So, not only did he help me get the box in the car... well part of it.... he drove the other part home for me! 
Thank you, Lee for all your help! And thank you God for sending Lee to help me out today.

As I was thanking God for the help of the stranger He sent yesterday, I had to stop and think about something.... 
Packing and getting things ready to sell, has been extremely difficult on my back. The pain level remains high as does the headache. Yesterday, when I went to the store to buy the BIG box, I was not feeling the greatest. As I waited in the only checkout line open with a person (they had self checkouts, but I really needed help with the box), each person in front of me had a problem with their items. What was going to be quick trip, had grown to 30 plus minutes and counting. 
As I stood there, I knew that I could be frustrated at everything taking so long, or I could make a choice to find something positive. That's when the gentleman with his arms full walked up behind me. I really didn't want to make my wait any longer, but I had a cart, he stood there holding all this stuff. So, God nudged me... and I asked if he'd like to go ahead of me. 
That question, opened the door for conversation as we waited. As I was checking out, he asked how I had planned to get the box in my car, I said that I think it will fit in the back seat. He offered to help me. And he did! 
Looking back on yesterday..... what if I had "put me first". Ignored the fact that the man had his arms full. What I had complained about the long wait? What if...... 
I'm thankful that God nudged me and that He continues to remind me that it's NOT about ME. I was able to share that God sends blessings at just the time I need them. And yesterday, Lee, was the blessing God sent. 
Another great reminder that no matter how I feel, I have a choice to be positive.... and usually when I choose the positive, God sends those extra blessings along... because that's when I'm most ready to accept them. 
Thanking God for His special blessings!