Friday, November 20, 2009


Back to the doctor today. God has blessed me with two awesome doctors! I know I've blogged about them before...but they are really good! My pain management doctor is so sweet and such a great doctor. And my chiropractor is so kind, compassionate, and a great encourager. God knew exactly who I'd need on my team. God has equipped me with the doctors who work well together and work hard to provide the care I need. 
I'm also blessed with some great friends. It's amazing how God puts people together. It's cool to see God's hand in creating a friendship. That way you know the friendship has a good foundation; based on God! Friends not only are helpful, but provide laughter, encouragement, and keep me on track! And one good rule for a flexible! :>)
"We can bring an attitude of expectant trust to such praying. There is no reason to think that God cannot provide the person we need or to help us find him. He (God) has resources we cannot imagine, and ways of communicating His will to those who seek Him! (The Friendship Connection, pg 64).
God blesses us by sending people into our lives. Some we know very well, others we may only see once in a great while. Creating a positive day, includes noticing the people God brings into your life. God introduces us to people for specific reasons! And an easy way to create a positive to count your blessings! Start right now.....and name one blessings! Soon your list will start growing!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bump along the road and unexpected blessings

Yesterday, I had my post-op check up. The Doctor didn't like the look of the surgery site.....infection? So, I'm on antibiotics. I was able to get 2 more programs for my stim; making a total of 3. I can still use the stim if necessary while the surgery site continues to heal.
Yet, even with this new "bump" came some blessings! I was able to give away a few more of my Create a Positive Day! gifts (see the blog dated Thurs, Nov 12). It's great to see people smile.
When I went to get my meds, the price was lower than I thought....still quite high, but still lower than I thought. So, that was a nice blessing! I stopped at the local grocery store to pick up some needed food, and learned that a friend was paying the bill.....again a wonderful blessing!
So, even with a bump in the road.....God sends blessings so this new bump seems so minor. Just His way of continuing to remind me that He is in control and has a plan for me.

Remember the Bible story of Peter walking on water? He did fine walking on the water when he kept his eyes on Jesus. When he started looking at the storm and waves, that's when he started sinking. God knows that storms will come our way. Yet, God also provides the help we need to withstand those storms. The keeping the focus on Him. Don't worry about what "might happen". Or allow others to change your focus to "how bad things are". You can choose what your focus will be and you determine if you want to walk ON the water, or sink. It's a choice of faith and trusting God.

I don't know what God has planned for me. Yet, I do know that NO matter what the plan includes, that God will continue to love me and provide me with what I need to accomplish His plan. My responsibility is to trust God and continue to do my best to glorify Him. 

Sometimes you get news or something happens which threatens your positive day. No matter what happens, there is a constant which is the basis for having a positive day....God. He never changes. His love is unconditional. The key to maintaining a positive keeping your focus on God.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spinal Stim Programing Day!

Today, I'll get my spinal stim programed. Programming is an ongoing thing.
Many have asked how my spinal stimulator works. Our brains have "pain gates". Pain sensations travel slower than other sensations. For example, if you stub your toe, it hurts. But when you rub your toe, it feels better. Rubbing your toe didn't "heal" it, rather the rubbing messages travel faster than the pain messages. The rubbing messages fill up the "gates" allowing fewer pain messages to get your brain thinks your toe is better.
The same concept works with my spinal stim. The stimulator sends signals along the nerves to the brain. those tingling signals fill up the gates allowing fewer pain messages to get through. My brain is tricked to thinking I'm in less pain. However, if I use the same signals too long.....the brain starts to ignore the tingling signals and giving more attention to the pain. Therefore, having several programs allows me to switch back and forth or use different signals for different activities.
That is a very basic explanation of how the spinal stimulator works.

God created our bodies to do amazing things! When I think of how my body works, I can't help but praise God. Even how God created the brain, so that I can "trick it" into being in less pain!
Now, you ask, why doesn't God just remove your pain? That's an easy one! God believes that I'll have more opportunities to share His love with others, if I'm in pain. I meet people, whom I've never would have contact with, if it weren't for my pain.
Now, don't get me wrong....I'd LOVE to be free from my pain. However, since God hasn't chosen that for me at this time, I need to do what I can to glorify God and continue to share His love. God has many reasons for what He does. And I don't always understand those reasons. But, since God loves me, He will continue to care for me and give me what I need to live with chronic pain.

Creating a positive day isn't always about me or what I'm enduring. Often it's about sharing God's love with others or encouraging someone else. God's love is unconditional. Many people today don't understand that concept. Sharing God's love is the best way to create a positive day! Each time I share God's love with someone else, I get a hug from God! Can't beat that for a positive day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thank You for Your Prayers

Wanted to thank you all for your prayers as I recover from surgery. On Sunday, 11.15, I turned on my spinal stimulator (a pacemaker for pain). It worked! On Tuesday, 11.17, I'll receive additional programs, to use with various activities. To make this battery last as long as possible, I'll need to get use to differences in the new programs compared to the old. But the longer this battery lasts, the longer between surgeries.

I do appreciate all the prayers on my behalf. It's very comforting to know that people are talking to God on my behalf. That is a very cool thought! The Creator of All is listening to people talk about me! WOW!!

Although we each need to create our own positive day, others can help us! When people are praying, and let you know they are praying, it sure makes the day more positive. Have you prayed for someone today? Did you let them know? God might use you to encourage someone and help make their day a positive one!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Health care bill...what's in it?

I don't post many political items on my blog. But the video link below is vital for everyone to hear! It's only ONE of the things buried DEEP inside the House's Health-care bill. It may sound good, but the Democrats have filled it with unreasonable, and very costly items. Plus, it's just one more way for the government to have more control over our private lives....don't think so? Read the bill. (The entire 1,018 page bill can be downloaded here:

But first watch this video.

A short YouTube video.

How can there be anything positive in this? First, God is still in control. Second, we as individuals and Christians, need to begin to pray for our Country, the leaders, and begin to pay attention at voting times....and then VOTE. We have a responsibility, to work to elect leaders who will lead this country in the right way. Creating a positive day....and country takes work. God does expect us to do our part (ei. vote, and write our representatives).