Sunday, November 15, 2009

Health care bill...what's in it?

I don't post many political items on my blog. But the video link below is vital for everyone to hear! It's only ONE of the things buried DEEP inside the House's Health-care bill. It may sound good, but the Democrats have filled it with unreasonable, and very costly items. Plus, it's just one more way for the government to have more control over our private lives....don't think so? Read the bill. (The entire 1,018 page bill can be downloaded here:

But first watch this video.

A short YouTube video.

How can there be anything positive in this? First, God is still in control. Second, we as individuals and Christians, need to begin to pray for our Country, the leaders, and begin to pay attention at voting times....and then VOTE. We have a responsibility, to work to elect leaders who will lead this country in the right way. Creating a positive day....and country takes work. God does expect us to do our part (ei. vote, and write our representatives).

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