Friday, November 20, 2009


Back to the doctor today. God has blessed me with two awesome doctors! I know I've blogged about them before...but they are really good! My pain management doctor is so sweet and such a great doctor. And my chiropractor is so kind, compassionate, and a great encourager. God knew exactly who I'd need on my team. God has equipped me with the doctors who work well together and work hard to provide the care I need. 
I'm also blessed with some great friends. It's amazing how God puts people together. It's cool to see God's hand in creating a friendship. That way you know the friendship has a good foundation; based on God! Friends not only are helpful, but provide laughter, encouragement, and keep me on track! And one good rule for a flexible! :>)
"We can bring an attitude of expectant trust to such praying. There is no reason to think that God cannot provide the person we need or to help us find him. He (God) has resources we cannot imagine, and ways of communicating His will to those who seek Him! (The Friendship Connection, pg 64).
God blesses us by sending people into our lives. Some we know very well, others we may only see once in a great while. Creating a positive day, includes noticing the people God brings into your life. God introduces us to people for specific reasons! And an easy way to create a positive to count your blessings! Start right now.....and name one blessings! Soon your list will start growing!

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