Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christians Posting About Bible This Week

Christians Posting About Bible This Week
bibleChristians are promoting the Bible this week on major internet websites including Twitter, FaceBook, and MySpace.

They are deliberately posting messages about the Bible and repeating other people’s messages about the Bible. The Bible As Poetry website has even prepared 200 Twitter- length messages about the Bible for people to use. (Look at the bottom of the Bible as Poetry site for the link for the Twitter passages.) Each of the Bible messages is less than 140 characters long because that is the maximum length allowed for messages on Christians can copy these short messages and make them their own messages on social networking websites. The plan to increase the number of times the Bible is mentioned is called ‘Make the Bible go Viral.’

It runs until next Sunday night (November 29). Reprinted from Christian Newswire

In my life, the Bible is vital in creating a positive day. God's Word encourages me, teaches me, comforts me, and directs me.

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