Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Need? Want? Or a mix of both?

In my last post, I mentioned that I've been searching for an Elliptical. One question which I've been asking myself is:

"Is the Elliptical a need or a want?" 

Exercise is "good for the body". And my Chiropractor and I have been trying to figure out what types of exercise I can do without increasing the chronic pain too much.  With my back and leg injury and the chronic pain, I'm limited on the types of exercise I can do.

Last Summer, I found a Step Machine at a Garage Sale. The Step Machine had a feature that I thought would make it work for me—each step was adjustable. I could set the "bad leg" side to very little resistance, while "working out" the good leg. However, my "bad leg" just couldn't push down the step.  

I have a "peddle cycle" which I use with my arms, however, it puts strain on the back, and increases my back pain. Last week, I tried walking again. I walked around my apartment complex's parking lot. It felt good to be outside and "moving". But my back and leg can't take the "pounding" of the pavement.

So, what's next. The apartment complex's pool will open in a few weeks. Pool exercise is good for me, and doesn't add stress to my back and leg. Yet, how much I can "exercise" depends on how many kids and adults are in the pool at the particular time I'm there.

That brings me back to the Elliptical. Is it a "need" or a "want"? Or maybe a mix of both?

To be healthy, I NEED to find a type of exercise that will not increase the chronic pain. I've tried the forms of exercise available to me; however, they aren't working. An Elliptical provides a movement I can do without over-stressing the back and leg. So, does that make the Elliptical a "need"? 

I WANT to be healthy. And to be healthy, I need to exercise. So, does that make the Elliptical a "want"? 

I think it's a mix of both. Since my goal is to be healthy the Elliptical is both a need and a want. 

Over the last 11 years, I've seen God supply my needs, and even some wants, and provide some gifts, in the most creative and amazing ways. Even most recently, how God continues to provide for the new MacBook. I know that if God thinks that I "need" an Elliptical, He'll supply it—in His time—in His way.
I have a responsibility to make sure I'm not spending money, that I don't have. I also have a responsibility to WAIT on God and allow HIM to lead and direct me to the RIGHT Elliptical at the RIGHT time. I'm not a "good waiter". Once I make up my mind on something, I want to go "full-steam" ahead! But, on the Elliptical, I don't have a choice—but to wait. I can't spend money when I have other bills—that is not being a good steward. So, I wait.

Often creating a positive day,
is not about getting what I want ASAP.
Rather, it's about waiting on God.