Saturday, April 5, 2014


All this sorting and cleaning out of files, closets, etc got me thinking. Yesterday, I came across receipts for oil changes from my 1995 Escort. Ok, there is NO need to keep those... I have had my new car for almost 2 years now! lol I find that I "just file" and don't take the time to clean the files. You never know when I MIGHT need that piece of paper. Or someday, I'll need.... whatever it is. It's all neatly tucked away, so it's out of sight, but it's there. Now if I ever needed some of those items, I'm not sure I'd be able to find them... BUT I know I have them!  lol 
I looked at this two ways.
A negative, is that I hang onto stuff that happens in my life, and Satan really likes to use the negative stuff to discourage me and fill my life with unimportant matters to distract me from what God is trying to accomplish. 
A positive, is that the more of God's Truth I have filed away, I can "dig them out" when a situation arrises. 

So, this brings me back to my purging. As I purge the apartment of "things", I need to also purge my life of anything which allows Satan to get a foothold into my life. How do I purge my life? That's a job which I need the help of Almighty God. Thankfully, He not only has the ability to do that job, He is ready and willing to do it... if I allow Him to have access. 

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Best

"The desires of good people lead straight to the best" Proverbs 11:23a (MSG)
I have this verse posted on a closet door. 
Desires: distinctly good sense
Good: righteous man 
Best: good = benefit 

"Trust the Lord, and do good things. Live in the land, and practice being faithful. Be happy with the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Entrust your ways to the Lord. Trust him, and he will act on your behalf." Psalm 37:3-5 (GW)

Trust the LORD: my trust is not in RHONDA.. but my trust, reliance is to be in God!
Do: accomplish
Good: rich, valuable in estimation
Happy (delight): take exquisite delight; to be soft or pliable
Desires: request, petition
Entrust: roll, roll away, remove
Ways: course of life, or action, undertakings
Trust: be bold confident, secure, sure, put confidence, make to hope
Act: absolute act, act with effect 

As I read these verses this morning, God reminded me that He wants what is BEST for me.... in order that I accomplish HIS will. It's not about "me", rather it's about me surrendering to God and allowing Him to work so that He receives glory and honor. 

As I prepare to move and make plans to move, I need to step back and remove "Rhonda" from the forefront. I'm to put my reliance in God so that He can accomplish good! 
I've always found the meaning of the word, "delight" interesting. To be soft and pliable. Reminds me of when I played with Play Dough. When the dough is kept in the tightly sealed jars, it was fun to take it out and play with it... it was soft and pliable and didn't take much work to form it into shapes. 
Yet, when I left the lid off, the dough became hard. It took a lot of effort to mold it, and often I'd just give up and throw it away. 
"Rhonda" means strong and powerful. Too often, I leave the "lid off" of my heart thinking I know best and can figure all the details of life out on my own. Yet, I soon realize, that being tough and hard, only makes it more difficult for God to work with me to create His masterpiece. 

If I'm soft and pliable, and I have the good sense to fully trust God, He will accomplish His will and purpose. He will lead me straight to the BEST!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Future

Ever find yourself trying to guess the future? Last night as I was talking with God about this whole moving business, I was trying to figure out the "Doctor situation". The more I talked with Him, the more I wanted to KNOW NOW exactly what my doctors would be like and who they are. 

But God gently reminded me that He has that all taken care of too. Since God blessed me with an amazing team here—I have a wonderful Chiropractor and Pain Management Doctor—God will supply a new team when I relocate. 

Sometimes, I wish God would reveal the future to me. That would make planning so much easier on my part... I would have all the details worked out. HOWEVER, God knows that if I knew the future, 1. I wouldn't trust Him. 2. I would be overwhelmed with what He has planned. 3. It would take all the joy out of the surprises He has planned.

Therefore, I need to stop trying to guess what the future holds, and focus on the blessings God has planned for today. After all, God really does know the future... and He has all the details worked out. Isn't God amazing?!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Yesterday, while doing laundry, I found a shiny new penny in the dryer. I think this was God's way of saying, "A penny for your thoughts". 

I'm a planner.... I like everything in line, all my 't's" crossed, "i's" dotted, etc. I am learning, especially these past 13 years, that I can plan all I want, but God has His own plan and He likes to add twists and turns, just to make sure I'm FOLLOWING Him, and I don't take over the LEAD. 

I posted my poem, "What a day brings forth", the other day. A good reminder that God has a specific plan and purpose and will accomplish it all in HIS time. 

I talk with God often... yet at times, I find myself, "telling God" how I think things should happen. I know... like I know best!?? 
The shiny new penny was a reminder that I'm to share my thoughts, my desires, my concerns with God... but then I need to LISTEN and allow God to share His thoughts and plans with me. I need to take a step back and give God time to accomplish His plan. 
"A penny for your thoughts".... yes, I'll continue to share my thoughts with God... I only need to remember to allow God to share His thoughts with me too.

Monday, March 31, 2014

What a Day Brings Forth

I love God's timing. 
As I was cleaning out files yesterday and today, I came across several copies a poem I wrote on August 15, 2001... in several different files. 

I remember that day VERY well. I had an appointment downtown Chicago at a Rehab Institute for an evaluation on my back. I had planned for this appointment for weeks, gather all the necessary x-rays, medical records, etc. I had the train schedule almost memorized. That morning I woke up got ready and went to leave for the train station... only my car would not start. The battery was dead. Ok, that was NOT in my plans! I quickly called a few taxi companies until I found one that could come ASAP. I made it downtown in time for my appointment and a friend picked me up from the train station and brought me back home. 

On the train on the way into the City, I wrote this poem: 

What a Day Brings Forth—

No matter how well I prepare; 
no matter how well I plan;
What a day brings forth is not in my hands. 

Making phone calls, confirming dates; 
Copying records; checking the list;
What a day will bring forth —there is no way to predict. 

The unexpected can be a blessing in disguise.
Consider the adventure, and the surprise—
Instead of focusing on the whats and whys. 

I do know—beyond any doubt
What a day brings forth in not in my hands, 
But this day is EXACTLY what God has planned! 
-R.Sawtelle • August 15, 2001

Since God had me find this poem... several times, I guess He wants to remind me that He does have some surprises and a PERFECT plan as I prepare to move. Isn't God great?!!!

At the Right Time

As I was going through papers and shredding yesterday, I came across a piece of paper with this quote on it: 
“Great people are ready to help me, at the right time, in the right way, people I don’t even know yet. I promise I will never give up because I don’t have the help, but I will trust God to provide. God has resources to help you that you have not even considered. They are multiplied thousands of persons with all sorts of talents, skills, concerns, and contacts that God can bring into your life in order to fulfill His plans. So open your eyes and see the faces of people around you. Open your ears to hear what they are saying. Today, tomorrow, next week, you’ll meet someone, someone who is just the person you need. And that right person will come along to fill just the right place at just the right time. And you will marvel knowing God arranged it beautifully.” Rick Warren
Wow! God knew that this was exactly what I needed to be reminded of... as I work on the move. Looking forward to seeing all that God does and HOW He does it all. Excited!! 

How will it all work out?

As I was talking with God last night and this morning about this "moving adventure", I realized that I'm most excited to see His creativity in taking care of all the details. God continues to amaze me in how He takes care of me in such creative and unique ways. I'm looking forward to the little and big things He does to work out all the details.

New Adventure!

A New Adventure is beginning! 

After 20 years of living in IL, I believe that God is directing me to return to Florida. I've started the application process at an apartment complex in Winter Haven. God has MANY details to work out... but thankfully, He is a God of details! 
As for a time frame, that's totally up to God. When there is an available apartment that fits my needs, then I'll move. 
Please pray with me that I'll wait on God and let Him lead in this move. I have a tendency to want to go "full steam ahead" and in doing so, I often forget to talk things over with God and consult HIS plan. 

Thank you for your prayers as I continue on this new journey God has planned for me. I'm excited yet, part of me is nervous as I leave behind the familiar. But knowing that God is in this move, I'm mostly excited.