Monday, March 31, 2014

New Adventure!

A New Adventure is beginning! 

After 20 years of living in IL, I believe that God is directing me to return to Florida. I've started the application process at an apartment complex in Winter Haven. God has MANY details to work out... but thankfully, He is a God of details! 
As for a time frame, that's totally up to God. When there is an available apartment that fits my needs, then I'll move. 
Please pray with me that I'll wait on God and let Him lead in this move. I have a tendency to want to go "full steam ahead" and in doing so, I often forget to talk things over with God and consult HIS plan. 

Thank you for your prayers as I continue on this new journey God has planned for me. I'm excited yet, part of me is nervous as I leave behind the familiar. But knowing that God is in this move, I'm mostly excited.

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