Monday, March 31, 2014

What a Day Brings Forth

I love God's timing. 
As I was cleaning out files yesterday and today, I came across several copies a poem I wrote on August 15, 2001... in several different files. 

I remember that day VERY well. I had an appointment downtown Chicago at a Rehab Institute for an evaluation on my back. I had planned for this appointment for weeks, gather all the necessary x-rays, medical records, etc. I had the train schedule almost memorized. That morning I woke up got ready and went to leave for the train station... only my car would not start. The battery was dead. Ok, that was NOT in my plans! I quickly called a few taxi companies until I found one that could come ASAP. I made it downtown in time for my appointment and a friend picked me up from the train station and brought me back home. 

On the train on the way into the City, I wrote this poem: 

What a Day Brings Forth—

No matter how well I prepare; 
no matter how well I plan;
What a day brings forth is not in my hands. 

Making phone calls, confirming dates; 
Copying records; checking the list;
What a day will bring forth —there is no way to predict. 

The unexpected can be a blessing in disguise.
Consider the adventure, and the surprise—
Instead of focusing on the whats and whys. 

I do know—beyond any doubt
What a day brings forth in not in my hands, 
But this day is EXACTLY what God has planned! 
-R.Sawtelle • August 15, 2001

Since God had me find this poem... several times, I guess He wants to remind me that He does have some surprises and a PERFECT plan as I prepare to move. Isn't God great?!!!

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