Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Future

Ever find yourself trying to guess the future? Last night as I was talking with God about this whole moving business, I was trying to figure out the "Doctor situation". The more I talked with Him, the more I wanted to KNOW NOW exactly what my doctors would be like and who they are. 

But God gently reminded me that He has that all taken care of too. Since God blessed me with an amazing team here—I have a wonderful Chiropractor and Pain Management Doctor—God will supply a new team when I relocate. 

Sometimes, I wish God would reveal the future to me. That would make planning so much easier on my part... I would have all the details worked out. HOWEVER, God knows that if I knew the future, 1. I wouldn't trust Him. 2. I would be overwhelmed with what He has planned. 3. It would take all the joy out of the surprises He has planned.

Therefore, I need to stop trying to guess what the future holds, and focus on the blessings God has planned for today. After all, God really does know the future... and He has all the details worked out. Isn't God amazing?!!

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