Saturday, April 5, 2014


All this sorting and cleaning out of files, closets, etc got me thinking. Yesterday, I came across receipts for oil changes from my 1995 Escort. Ok, there is NO need to keep those... I have had my new car for almost 2 years now! lol I find that I "just file" and don't take the time to clean the files. You never know when I MIGHT need that piece of paper. Or someday, I'll need.... whatever it is. It's all neatly tucked away, so it's out of sight, but it's there. Now if I ever needed some of those items, I'm not sure I'd be able to find them... BUT I know I have them!  lol 
I looked at this two ways.
A negative, is that I hang onto stuff that happens in my life, and Satan really likes to use the negative stuff to discourage me and fill my life with unimportant matters to distract me from what God is trying to accomplish. 
A positive, is that the more of God's Truth I have filed away, I can "dig them out" when a situation arrises. 

So, this brings me back to my purging. As I purge the apartment of "things", I need to also purge my life of anything which allows Satan to get a foothold into my life. How do I purge my life? That's a job which I need the help of Almighty God. Thankfully, He not only has the ability to do that job, He is ready and willing to do it... if I allow Him to have access. 

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