Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Yesterday, a moving company came to give me an estimate for moving all my stuff. I learned that it's all based on weight, not how much room it takes on the truck. That changes what I'll keep, and what I'll try to sell. 

I'm surveying the stuff I had planned to keep, but now I'm looking through a different "lens" . When I first sorted through the stuff, I was thinking, "Why not keep this, doesn't take up much room." 
However, now I'm looking through a "weight-lens". I am making choices now, not based on "I think I want that", but rather, "How much does it weigh? Is that weight worth this item?" 

As I thought through my "change of lenses", I came to realize, that I SHOULD do the same in life. When I look at things through my UNFILTERED Lens of Rhonda, I see what I want, often selfish and not the best choices.

However, if I put on God's Lenses and view things through His holiness, His righteousness, and His standards, then I choose different things. I need to remember that when I get up in the morning, I need to make sure I'm viewing my daily activities, attitude, words, actions, everything through God's lenses.

Viewing through God's lenses, is the only way that I can make sure that I see not only what I'm to do, but how I can reach out to others and share God's love with them. For if I am looking at those around me through "Rhonda's Lenses" I will see their sins, their wrongs, etc., but if I see them the way God does, I'll see someone who needs to know God loves them and forgives them. 

So, whose lenses do you have on today? 

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