Saturday, April 12, 2014

Apartment on a Diet

I had the apartment all clean for the Moving Estimate, but as I continue to work to separate into "keep" and "sell" piles, it now looks like the apartment exploded. lol A friend is loaning me some tables, on which I can display the "sell items", that will help organize that stuff. 

Today, I need to re-organized the stuff in the bedroom so that I know what sells and what I'm keeping. Yesterday, I lightened the load by almost 150 pounds! YEAH! I wonder how many more pounds I can lose as I sort through things this weekend. 

Overall, I'm enjoying putting my apartment on a diet. lol Over 20 years, I've accumulated a lot of stuff. And since I had the place for it, I kept it. Back in 2010, when I moved out for the remodeling of the apartment, I downsized some, so that helps now. 

It will be fun when I learn what the actual weight of my move will be.... but first, I need to finish the "diet" and wait on the perfect place God has for me.   Last night I found myself once again praying for the person that is to move out, so that I can move in. I am wondering how long they've lived in that apartment and where they are moving to—is it close by, or out of state? 
I wonder who is praying to move into my place? Will my apartment be someone's answer to their prayers? That would be really cool to be an answer to someone's prayers. I hope the person(s) who move into my apartment, enjoy it as much as I have. 

Well, time to begin today's "Do list". Hope you each have a super Saturday. 

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