Saturday, November 12, 2011

Consider the Magnitude of this Fact

I'm studying the Book of Job. In Job 3, we learn some of Job's theology. Job wished that God forget the day Job was born, because of Job's anguish and pain. In order for someone to "forget" they have to know about it first! 
Job knew very well, that God knew the VERY moment Job was conceived. God knew all about Job—before Job was even formed. Consider the magnitude of that fact. God is very aware of our MOMENT of conception.

Psalms 139
O God, You know me inside and out, through and through. 
Everything I do, every thought that flits through my mind, every step I take, every plan that I make, every word that I speak,  You know, even before these things happen.

You know my past; You know my future.

Your enveloping presence covers my every move. Your knowledge of me sometimes comforts me, sometimes frightens me, but it is always far beyond my comprehension. 

There is no way to escape You, no place to hide.
If I ascend to the heights of joy, You are there before me. 
If I plunge into the depths of despair, You are there to meet me. 
I could fly to the other side of the world, and find You there to lead the way. 
I could walk into the darkest night, only to find You there to lighten its dismal hours.

You were present at my conception. You guided the molding of my unformed members within the body of my mother. 
Nothing about me, from beginning to end, has been hidden from Your eyes.
How frightfully, fantastically wonderful it all is! 

May Your all-knowing, everywhere present Spirit continue to search out my feelings and thoughts. 
Deliver me from that which my hurt or destroy me, and guide me along the paths of love and truth. 
Psalms Now by Leslie Brandt

Yes, Job wanted God to forget the day he was conceived. Job wanted to have that day not even exist, so that Job wouldn't have to endure his suffering. But Job did not curse God, because Job knew that God had a plan and purpose in mind.
I think also that Job found comfort in the fact that if God knew Job's moment of conception, God was also VERY aware of what Job was enduring at that very moment.

Consider the magnitude of that fact!

The fact that God knows exactly what is happening, what I'm going through, all the details of my life—and CARES about it all.... that makes a very positive day!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Year Designed by God-2011

As I've spent time reflecting
on the year God designed
I saw God's attention to detail and
many demonstrations of His amazing love.

Enjoyed continuing the Damaris Carbaugh Bible Study. Looking back over the study, I think the thing which amazed me the most was God's specific timing of each lesson. I'm grateful that the Leader, followed God's prompting in choosing the order of the songs for the Study. God knew exactly what I should be studying at a particular time, to keep me focused on Him as He worked in my life. 

20 inches of snow brought out demonstrations of neighbors helping neighbors. There was no way I could dig my car out of the snow drifts (the car was covered-see the green arrow to the right!). However, neighbors worked together to make sure my car was able to drive out of the pile of snow.

Since Jr. High, I've worn glasses and each year, I've needed a new prescription. Yet, this year, my prescription did not change! That was great news, since I didn't need to replace my prescription sunglasses. I only had to buy on pair of glasses to replace the pair I broke. I wonder if the vegan, gluten-free diet helped with improving my eyesight? I know that the diet is much healthier for me. 

On April 13th, God called my sister home to Heaven after a 4-year battle with cancer. Although I miss my sister, she is now rejoicing in Heaven with our Heavenly Father—that is the greatest blessing for us all! There were also additional blessings which God provided. A friend was able to drive me to Macon, so I could be there for the services. Both my brothers were able to attend, also. And my brothers and I were able to spend some time with our parents.

At first, the idea of having several apartment inspections didn't seem like much of a blessing. However, the reason for the inspections is a great blessing! These inspections are necessary so that I can receive reduced rent due to my disability. The reduce rent is just one way God supplies my needs. So, the inspections are blessings! 

This month had a "hidden blessing". I didn't know it was a blessing until August! On June 9th I took my car in for an oil change and get a "roar" investigated. I spoke with "my guys" at the garage that I didn't want to put much money into fixing this car, as I was looking for a newer one. The roar didn't need to be fixed; however, my brakes were too bad to leave the garage. That was NOT in my plans as I was trying to SAVE money for a down payment. That would mean I'd have to delay the purchase of a new car by several months. Well, in August, I learned that God had a VERY good reason to delay my purchase! (see August for more details!). 

Friends. God has blessed me with some AWESOME, godly friends. God provided me with exactly the perfect people to help me grow in grace and knowledge of God. 

This month was an OVERFLOWING BLESSINGS month. God really went ALL-OUT this month!!
God made it possible for me to spend a week with some very dear friends. It was a much needed vacation for my body, soul, and spirit. It was an amazing "JOY-CATION!"
God also had a very wonderful blessing waiting for me. God provided a NEW CAR. Not just a "newer" car, but a BRAND NEW 2012 Ford Fiesta. I never thought that I'd have a new car. However, back in June, when I had to spend money on the brakes, God knew that this car wouldn't be ready until August, so He created a way to delay upgrading the car. God's timing is ALWAYS perfect!

I started my annual Blessings Celebration early this year. A friend and I were able to attend "My Fair Lady". God's blessings included in this "package" were: 1. a perfect parking spot. 2. a vegan, gluten-free lunch 3. discounted tickets. 4. a wonderful performance of "My Fair Lady". 5. enjoying it all with a wonderful friend. 

Eleven years. WOW. Eleven years ago, I injured my back. October 2000. From a totally human perspective, the back injury followed by eleven years of chronic pain is definitely NOT a blessing. Yet, God has used my disability and pain to share His amazing love with others. People from ALL over the world read this blog. And I've developed a deeper and greater love for my God. He has shown OVER and OVER His care and love for me. I love seeing God's attention to detail and His creativity in caring for me. He constantly amazes me with His goodness. Would I like less pain? Yes. But, as God told Paul 2 Cor 12 "My (God's) grace is enough; it's all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness."

This month God's blessing was made possible with the help of many people. 45 Soldiers will be receiving Bibles for Christmas. It was an wonderful blessing to be able to wrap each Bible, thinking of the wonderful message contained therein—God's great gift of eternal life.

Looking back over the past year, since my 2010 Blessings Celebration, once again, God has showered me with more of His amazing blessings. All I can think to say is "God is good all the time. And all the time, God is good." And that fact make each and every day very positive!