Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Motivation. A strange thing. It can make us do things we never thought we could. I got thinking what motivates me? And how do I motivate myself. Why do things motivate me? If I'm motivated for the wrong reasons, it doesn't matter what I accomplish, it's tainted by the wrong motivation.
I'm going to be more aware of my motivation and make sure I'm motivated by the right reasons. If my motivations have the correct focus and I accomplish my goals, the day is positive and satisfying.

Think about it. What motivates you? Are they the right motivations? If not, how can you change them?

Create a positive day based on right and healthy motivations. It makes the entire process well worth it!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

This is not my plan!

I forget that I don't always know what's best. God has a plan for my life. His plan includes the "big picture" items as well as the little tiny details. This past week my laptop has been giving me problems. I thought it was fixed after spending 4+ hours at the Apple Store. Nope. I've uninstalled/reinstalled/updated programs multiple times. Still not working correctly.
The next upgrades for my programs....that's only $700-$1200! That's out of my range right now....But then I remember....God is not limited.
He has a plan for my life. And with that plan, He will supply everything I need to carry out that plan. If He thinks my laptop is part of His plan, then He will take care of it. Even though my computer failing is not part of my plan, since it is part of God's....I'll relax....continue doing what I can do and allow God to carry out His plan.

Allowing God to carry out His plans makes any day more positive. Getting frustrated over something I can't change, just ruins my day. Relaxing and letting God do His work and take care of things, is much more enjoyable!