Friday, November 13, 2009

Nice Gift!

I've mentioned one of my favorite books before, but want to highlight it again.....because I received a very nice gift yesterday!
Pain Perplexity and Promotion 
by Bob Sorge is a great book!
 Last night when I checked my mail, there was an autographed copy of the book!
What a wonderful gift!!! 
 Thank you Mr. Sorge!

I recommend this book very highly. It has been an awesome help to me as I travel my chronic pain journey. There are so many potent quotes, that if I listed them all here, I'd have to write the entire book!

Here are a few of my favorite quotes.

"Job suffered, not because of what he did wrong, but because of what he did right. Had it not been for his righteousness, God would never bragged on him to Satan in the first place (see Job 1:8). It was his uncommon holiness that precipitated his trials." page 9

"In some situations, God steps back and says, 'Too easy. If I step in now, they won't glorify My name for the answer.' Thus God waits things out a bit, and lets the situation become even more critical so that there will be no question about the source when He intervenes with His sovereign deliverance. He loves to do the impossible!" page 26

And my VERY favorite quote!
"I wonder what would have happened if Job's friends, instead of talking to Job about God, had talked to God about Job." page 31

Those are just three quotes from a 177 page book. My book is full of highlighted sections and pages with post-it flags. The book is published by Oasis House.

Sometimes reading a special book or passage from the Bible can give you something to meditate on throughout the day. Meditating on positive thoughts aid you in creating a positive day. When a negative thought tries to enter your mind, focus on that passage and it will help you change your focus!

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