Thursday, November 12, 2009

Update on Surgery Day!

To any new comers to my blog....WELCOME!  When you have time you can read through some older posts to see some amazing blessing God has given me!

I wanted to let you know about my surgery day! After my pre-op experience (see blog 6 Days and Counting; posted 11/05), I wanted to do something special for the people who helped me during my day. Using the leftover Halloween candy, I created little Create A Positive Day! gifts. Each greeter, receptionist, nurse, aid, doctor, etc, who worked on me received a gift. (Expect for the recovery area...sorry, couldn't take the treats there.)
It was so fun to spread joy to what if I was having surgery. I wanted to allow others to see God's joy in me and share that joy with them. It was a GREAT day! Dr. Dallas, just loved it! Many said, "I've never received a gift from a patient before." All the responses were very positive!

On the back of the tag was part of my Create a Happy Day poem, and my blog address. Just one way to continue to spread God's love and joy with others with whom I've come in contact.
People ask why I do things like this. I have always believed that no matter what, my job is to glorify God. For now, God has chosen chronic pain and surgeries as a way to me to connect with others. I've missed too many opportunities to share God's love with others. I really don't want to miss additional opportunities.
This was a way to share God's love with others...who doesn't like chocolate?? Plus, it was just plain fun!!! To see people smile and then those smiles spread through the various rooms was.....well just great.

Creating a positive day when your day may not hold the most positive of plans, is possible, if you remember that God gives us joy. His joy is not based on our circumstances, rather His eternal love for us!

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