Monday, November 9, 2009

Day Before....

Last loads of laundry in the dryers. Still need to empty dishwasher so I can fill it with dishes from last night and this am. Might still have time to vacuum before leaving for the chiropractor.
Any blessings so far today? Yes. The laundry room has been mostly empty! That is a big help when drying the clothes. If too many dryers are going, not only does it take longer, but it costs me more money. There was only one other person doing laundry...and only one load. So, there were several empty dryers allowing more dry air to circulate....clothes dry faster.
Max can tell something is up. He can't quite figure out what I'm doing, but he knows it's not the normal routine. He likes routine...and to be honest I guess I do to. I'm such a habitual person that I do things without even thinking about it...especially in the mornings.
I'll post more later to share the additional blessings God showers on me today!

Creating a positive day can start first thing when you wake up....and/or you can create it as the day goes on! No matter what time it's never too late to create a positive day!

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