Saturday, April 10, 2010

God's Protection

Yesterday, I was reminded again of God's protection. I saw my chiropractor and enjoyed a massage. After my massage, I remembered a question I had for my chiropractor, Dr. Moore. I waited as he finished with his last patient, and then we discussed my question.
On the way home, I heard on the radio about an accident at an intersection which I use very often. Just then an ambulance went passed... on the way to the accident scene. I took an alternate route home.
This morning I read in the paper, that a man was killed and four were hospitalized due to the accident. That's when it hit me. If I had left immediately after my massage, I would have been VERY near the intersection at the time of the accident. Once again, God delayed me to protect me from being hurt.

Creating a positive day involves being led by God and not fretting about a delay or a change of plans. Often God is working behind the scenes and is protecting us from dangers which we can't see, or have any knowledge.

You can read another example of God's protection on my post dated 8/28/2009; How God Used Sponges!.

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